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Been watching an awful lot of my old superhero films recently and thinking that aside from Superman moving the moon in superman 4 (I haven't seen Man of steel yet) and his other Silver age type strength feats from the Chris Reeve Movies, Magneto seems to have two of the most impressive strength feats so far. I mean moving the 890,000 ton Golden Gate bridge in Last Stand takes some beating and lifting a 30,000 ton submarine out of the water in "First Class" was cool too! No other Marvel character has anything to match this in any Marvel film I can think of. What was the most impressive strength feat for you? Strangely the Hulk hasn't really got many yet, aside from chucking around a tank in Hulk 1 and I suppose one shotting that huge metal bird monster thing in the Avengers!! Anyway, it certainly shows how powerful Magneto is and definitely in the Hulk/Thor class.

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@bezza: magneto did not use his muscles

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Yeah...Magneto's one wasn't really 'strength'. Unless you mean depiction of power in general.

Basically the entirety of MoS qualifies haha.

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Agreed, there were a ton of strength feats in Man of Steel. I was really impressed with how Supes handled himself in the middle of that gravity beam (while in a weakened state).

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Routherman lifting an island and chucking it into space comes to mind.

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Whether Magneto lifted those objects with his muscle or his mind via magnetic powers, it is still a strength feet is it not?

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Superman lifting an Island made of Kryptonite and throwing it in Space is the best strength feat IMO.

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Ya mags has the greatest power feat after supes lifting the island into space which i think is completely ridiculous.

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In Superman IV, he pushed the moon completely effortessly

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@rustyroy said:

Superman lifting an Island made of Kryptonite and throwing it in Space is the best strength feat IMO.

Yeah that's what I was thinking.