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This dubius honour, in my opinion goes to none other than Mr.Slade Wilson. He's even beaten Marvel's Corsair in that department !

Do you guys see any hope in future of them getting back together ? Would be really awesome to have Deathstroke, his wife and 3 kids back as a family. TBH it's all Slade's fault for not being there and caring for them when he was needed, but I think there's still room for reconciliation.

Otherwise either both, or at least ONE ( I'm thinking Jericho the telepath ) of his sons are definitely gonna die. The Wilson family, when together as a team are gonna be simply UNSTOPPABLE. DC needs to make that happen. Most badass family in comics ( no really, ALL 5 of them are highly trained Special Operatives, and the MOM was a friggin Special Forces instructor, not to mention the dad being the Naked Snake of DC) !

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The Mom was the one who taught Slade how to fight. What do you mean by the Naked Snake of DC?

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@avenger85: are you asking who is the most dyfunctional family or are just discussing The Wilson family

because if you're asking it's Bruce Banner or Scott Summers

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The Lannisters.......

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@avenger85: I don't know about the Wilson family, but i've got to go with either the Bat family or the Inhumans as the most screwy family in comics at this point. The Wilson's are all American in comparison :)

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If we're talking about fictional families in general, I think I'd have to go with Hamlet's family. Hamlet's uncle kills his father and then marries his mother, and then accidentally kills Hamlet's mother and tries to kill Hamlet after that. Pretty screwy if you ask me.

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Cassandra Cain, David Cain, and Lady Shiva seem a little messed up.

Batman, Talia, Damian, and the Damian clone are just effed up.

Ultimate Fantastic Four is pretty bad as well. Reed went evil and then proceeded to kill half of Europe.

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@thatguywithheadphones: Actually I was discussing the Wilson family in this thread lol.

I do believe that his family is one of, if not THE most dysfunctional ones in COMICS, not fiction in general.

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The most disfunctional family? The Noble family.