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yea so i really like books like the boys, the crossed, the wicked Medusa tales ect. i was wondering if you guys know of any comics like that that are very very dark and disturbing that i could get into?

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I heard the Preacher's offensive, but it might not be because of dark and gritty.

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Batman Arkham Asylum A serious place on Serious ground Umm some Marvel Noir i like Spiderman Noir thats pretty Dark umm hmmm Punisher Max i think oo i know Moon Knight When David Finch illustrated ;O<3

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The Boys

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Also, Gaiman's Sandman, while not particularly graphic in the traditional sense, had some extremely dark moments.

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read sandman love the boys butcher is the fucking man when he killed the one guy from the seven with the chiefs knife and the whole why are you doing this and butcher says oh no mate im not here right now and just mutters why did you kill my dog as he guts him yea i really wanna find more stuff like the wicked medusa tales oh izombie is dark and classic but not really disturbing

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a lot of awsome dark stuff from old vertigo stuff, definetly seen some crazy things in hellblazer

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@RScottH08: i here hellblazer is kinda cool idk im picky though

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@Kairan1979: thanks man i gotta check this out i like clive barkers stuff and it all focuses around the occult

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@CountXyro: ya man hellblazer is amazing, didnt think i'd like it when i first started either, but it really does bring out a persons interest in the occult. not to mention peter milligans writing right now for it is some of the best for it in a long time, thats prob why he was the choice for JL Dark

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Punisher MAX is up there in the top ten darkest, grittiest comics ever. Frank does some pretty messed up things in those books, and they touch on a massive range of crimes in an in-depth manner. My favorite, "The Slavers", goes into great detail as to how they 'break' sex slaves. Makes you really hate the bad guys, and what Frank proceeds to do to them is.. gory, to say the least. Also, as mentioned above, "Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth" gets really, really dark at points(some of the themes, hidden meanings, and symbolism in there made me cringe a little).

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There is this Indie story about a US military action in I think the Philippines where they basically say it's an "untold tale" of actual US military history. The US is mad genocidal in this tale. I have seen it reprinted now and again..  
Also these EC Comics from the 1950's

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The Walking Dead

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Umm the Joker Book was wicked Dark they skin a man alive an he only has his skin on his head left an hes still alive an like walking around before dying on a stage

The Filth was pretty odd kinda gritty an Dark depending on how you look at it

i heard Johnny The Homicidal Maniac was really dark an gory

The first couple Man Thing Volumes are creepy

Any Clive Barker Comic

Umm Hack Slash ive heard is pretty edgy

an Pigeons From Hell is wicked Dark an Creepy its my favorite comic ever

o an maybe American Vampire

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Well i have sone research to do thanks guys does anyone know if the wicked is still in print?

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I have to say that the bart pack would be the one that was most disturbing.

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Kick A$$ 2. The villians name is Mother @#$%er now thats not holding back. were talking rape murder body mutilation child murder the book is awesome

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Preacher (has the same writer as the Boys)Hellblazer (also had the same writer)Punisher (Max, also the same writer)The Walking Dead

@ReVamp said:

I heard the Preacher's offensive, but it might not be because of dark and gritty.

it was dark and gritty at times.

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Well if you do not mind branching out from just American comics, some manga could get very dark and disturbing. My recommendation would be Deadman Wonderland. Really good, I am not to fond of really dark stuff but this is one of those you can't just put down.

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Punisher Max is pretty good.
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Where's Aztek? This is his forte.

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It depends what you mean by "dark and gritty".  
I wouldn't consider anything by Ennis to be all that dark or gritty (save his Punisher Max work) as everything else he does is mostly satirical. There's nothing dark or gritty about a guy tearing a baby apart. It's just stupid and overindulgent, but that's the point. The same for Mark Millar.  
Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth is a far darker tale, and just vastly superior overall. 

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Maybe Supergod (the writer himself speaks volumes to the topic here) for me. I wanted to held after reading the series. Actually that isn't an accurate description.

I wanted to jump up through the atmosphere and feel only the cold death embrace of space to comfort and hide me away forever after reading it.

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@CountXyro: Hack/Slash is one of my favorites.

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Haven't read it and I have no intention to, but I'll say Crossed.

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@The Dark Huntress said:
Where's Aztek? This is his forte.
Exactly what I was thinking.
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To try and add that which has not mentioned.
Tiny Titans. It looks all cutesy until you realize they are ghosts who maim and kill innocent children in order to maintain their cuteness and adorability.  
Then Alan Moore's Neonomicon had a giant fish monster %&(*% a girl after %&I&* and %$&(% and %*&(* after she was kidnapped by some $#*$# and they actually showed %$*%*( and $%&%. I didn't think it was good though. See his Brought To Light instead. 
Echoes on the other hand deals with murder and craziness but its more suspense than shock.  
Existence 2.0, Clarissa... if you like animals as much as I do then Pride of Baghdad and We3. Oh, and Thor Vikings is funny awesome. 

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And then there's Moore's Lost Girls. I like his writing, but... I don't think I could read that without feeling like a pedophile. The man has issues.

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one word...Bonesaw.

By far the darkest thing I've ever read. Mainly comics, but there are three short stories as well. Sadly it only lasted one volume.

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If you want an absolutely horrible comic but a comic that is probably the most "dark", then I'd go with this:

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The Boys, Jennifer Blood, Punisher max

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Stormcrow Hayes and Rob Steen's Afterlife?

f it tweaks a devout reaction, however, you may want to avoid this book and its iconoclastic theology. Wonder if there will be adherents using this book as a holy text in a thousand years?

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War stories, by Garth Ennis. Made worse by the fact that's based on reality, and that reality was worse.