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We all know DC's most iconic heroes (and characters in general) are Superman and Batman but after them who do you think is the most iconic? Usually Wonder Woman is pushed as the 3rd most iconic but I don't know about that. Dick Grayson was at his most iconic when he was Robin so I'm specifically using that version of him. He isn't as popular as Wonder Woman and may have been a sidekick but he debuted a year before her (1940) and is arguably more famous than her. No doubt Diana is THE female superhero but Dick as Robin was THE superhero sidekick, Burt Ward's version of the character is more famous than Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman. He was even featured with Batman and Superman in World's Finest in the 40's, so when I think of DC's all time trinity I think of Superman, Batman and Robin (Dick Grayson)

What do you guys think?

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Robin easy