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So, I just watched the deleted scenes off the Avengers bluray, one of them included extra footage with the security guard after Banner falls into the warehouse. The guy came off as mysterious and creepy, in the right place in the middle of nowhere at the right time, and my first impression after he gave him the motorcycle and took his hat off and said "your mind is already made up" with a serious blank look...

i couldnt help but to think dang...was he someone in disguise making sure Banner could make it to the team just in time to save them? The One Above All perhaps?

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I never thought too deeply into that scene, just a guy that's nice enough to lend the Hulk his scooter.

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From an actors point of view, it made little sense to have the creepy guy say something like that and be so helpful to a monster. Anyone seeing Hulk crash through a building would run away. But this guy went over the top and ended up saying something like that with a blank stare. I think there was much more to that character. :)

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hmmm Id have to watch it but yeah that would be crazy. Seems like a stretch to me but I cant judge until I have seen it for myself.

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Yea, I had to rewatch it and adjust because I was enjoying the bonus feature aspect so much. Then it kinda just hit me due to what the guard said. Hes out in the middle of nowhere, nothing is there, they are alone, yet he is guarding something around an empty warehouse. He willingly went to go check on a Hulk that crashed through a building, gave him pants that fit, and said a few key lines that really made me think, he was coming off as that "wise mysterious guy" and willing to give a strange monster his ride. I guess its why that scene was deleted, it was too heavy if it were true. and thats the final piece to the puzzle, that it was deleted for potentially being too deep and potentially religious in nature.

also joss mentions in the commentary that this character is meant to be Banners "spirit guide" and originally was supposed to be a child who saw hulk and wasnt afraid to come make sure he was okay. Joss had 12 pages of script just on that scene originally. There was DEFINITELY more behind this guy. :)