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I believe DC should try again to come out with some comics featuring the Milestone characters, and try to at least honor the memory of the late and great Dwayne McDuffie, who has done so much for them, including scripting, writing and editing what some people refer to as the greatest Justice League story yet, which is the Cadmus arc during the first season of the JLU cartoon (he also worked on the JL: Doom movie).

They can even find John Rozum and actually let him do his job like he wanted to with Static.

Back to the point at hand. I think it would be cool to see DC try to bring back Milestone characters in their own comic. I believe if they do, they might bring back the younger characters like Rocket and Xombi to join Static in another ongoing comic. I'd personally like to see them start off with these three:

Take aspects from the cartoon, and the old comics, and apply them into a potential new book set in the new DC continuity. Have Icon, and Hardware & Technique show up later on. What do you guys think?

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They should definitely do something with their Milestone characters, it's a shame to see them all pretty much dormant at the moment. I wouldn't be opposed to your idea for a Static book, especially if it had Rozum being allowed to go all out. They should also do a better job on incorporating the Milestone characters throughout the DCU, I mean, I would love to see Icon on the Justice League, like on Young Justice. I'd also love to see Xombi return in some form, it was very upsetting to see his previous series end with the relaunch.