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Whats the big deal? ive never played one but I preordered 5 because I love stealth games. but whats so great about the mgs series?

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the tactical espionage action for one! haha. mainly the story. Hideo Kojima has taken real life wars (mainly the cold war) and used that as a medium to create a very complex series of events and characters. the characters are awesome.

big boss is a cold war hero who was given the title of the world's greatest soldier. in the early 1970's a goverment group that controls most of the worlds political power (the patriots, big boss is also in this group) begin the "Les en Fants Terrible" project. which is a project that creates three clones of big boss. Liquid Snake, Solidus Snake, and Solid Snake. They did this because they wanted to be able to control the worlds greatest soldier (big boss left the group after learning about the project). but the story doesnt even begin there. and there is also so much more to be explained. the game has awesome cinematics, shoot outs, and voice acting. the easter eggs are near limitless. it features allot of adult humor (japanese), there are also some minor spooky supernatural elements to it as well. there's allot of replay value to it because everytime you play you pick up something that you may have missed the first, second, or third time around.

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MGS is great because of the super-complex story with interwoven plots presented in a cinematic manner. The characters are colourful while still being believable in the hyper-realistic world that the series takes place in. The plot gets really crazy at times (especially in MGS 2: Sons of Liberty) but there are moments of intense emotion that make everything worthwhile. MGS is my all-time favourite video game series because, IMO, it has the greatest story in any game series.

Some people complain that the cutscenes are too long and I can see where they were coming from. I for one love the way the story was told in all 4 of the main series (i've yet to play the newest Raiden-based game)

My only complaint about the series is that it should have ended at MGS4. That game neatly tied up all loose ends and gave every character an ending, particularly Solid Snake, whom should not be in any more games. So at this point it seems they're just making a slew of prequel games starring Big Boss, which I disagree with because I felt that MGS3 was enough story we needed from Big Boss.

I'd rather see remakes of the original two Metal Gear games from the 80's.

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@nickzambuto: Awe ok. My inky thing is I'm a full-time college student I work and I'm training for football. So sadly I don't have time to really enjoy all of those games :(

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@nickzambuto: Knew you could explain that far better then I could.

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Pretty much everything has been said already. The game is leaps and bounds above many others in terms of cinematic quality and continuous story. I didn't like how MGS4 changed so much things and undermined the strong themes and characters conveyed in MGS1, but it was still a good game. Plus, each game has such an unique atmosphere that suits it. It's hard to explain, like the Big Boss games and Solid Snake games have their own special feeling to them, the whole Cold War/Futuristic thing.

No lie, why the hell would you go straight into 5 without playing through the original series first? I can't stand when people do that, and then they end up complaining about the game not making sense in terms of plot. Get the Legacy Collection and have a good time in it, it's really worth it once you find the time to do so.

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It's a movie masquerading as a stealth action game. That's not a negative thing, though. Cause that movie is the most badass movie in all of video gaming history with the deepest of storylines filled with both cliche and non-cliche twists.

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Witness the thrills.

I like DSP but his MGS stuff is awful. Funny but awful

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You can lay down porno mags to distract guards.


The rest of the games could be about knitting and I'd still love 'em.

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@sog7dc: Since you do not have the time to enjoy the games, watch the movies on Youtube. The Cutscenes are long enough and ejoyable enough to watch like a TV Series. I suggest watching Metal Gear Solid 3, Twin Snakes (Graphicaly way more pleasing), Sons of the Patriot, and Guns of the Patriots in that order. You can watch Rising as well if your that hardcore for what happens after Snake.

All the time in the world to watch a half a hour on Youtube with some popcorn.

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Non Spoiler Version: I really think you should play the other games, at least starting with Metal Gear Solid for PS1, if you have a PS3 you can actually pick up a pretty cheap bundle package online for cheap, so you don't even have to go to a store to buy a game, nor do you need a PS1 or PS2 you can but them all on your PS3 heh heh. Metal Gear series is one of those rare franchises that really rewards its fans and its fans loyalty. That also being said even if you don't have time to play the other games? You could also just Youtube them, there are youtube videos of people playing the whole games, so if you like to study with background noise? You can study and soak up the game and story in the background and occasionally look up from studying to see what is going on in the screen. You might ignore the game play parts and just pay attention to when there is a cut scene, or maybe only watch the boss battles. Or there are just youtube videos one Metal Gear where people just talk about the philosophical aspects of the story and how deep it is, much more faster but removes the fun of the person doing it themselves. I mean this is a game series which has moments that make you say "woah cool" a lot. Except its probably not as fun or cool to have someone just tell you heh heh.

It can be a really fun stealth game, but this game is also very character strong, very poetic, philosophical, dramatic and silly but funny and witty silly, with a poignant twist. It also has a lot of action if you choose that route too, plus it has some of the most original and iconic boss battles ever as well. There are so many revelations, twists and turns in the series, some really deep and emotional. The creative team behind this series really know their tropes and spend a lot of time subverting them as well as playing them straight. If you know your pop culture well and war time history well, sci fi well and even biblical history you will be rewarded well. This series also has a lot of meta messages and themes, I'll explain this more in the spoiler part. Oh and the soundtrack is epic!

Spoiler Parts: Nooo you don't want to read this section. Go back. Snaaaaakkkkkeeeeee! Okay so I started playing with Metal Gear Solid, and I loved games, but never really considered them an art form or as "good" as movies, I thought they were fun, but not as good as telling stories as movies or novels, but games like Final Fantasy series were starting to make me question that. Metal Gear Solid 1 was going to be another dumb fun action game to me, guns, explosions and bad guys right? The opening CGI movie started off just like a movie starts off. It even had a dramatic gaelic song and had credits heh heh - and then the game actually spends a long time trying to establish the realism and credibility of the game, it uses pseudo science and futuristic sounding technology and real world military terms to ground the game. It even gives you a support team you contact on a Codec - but then the game starts to subvert the realism it establishes by throwing some really freaky stuff at you, and it starts breaking the forth wall. Not in a Deadpool way, more of a surreal existentialist way. The main character Snake questions himself and is confused at parts, but is still tough and badass. You can smoke in this game and supporting characters will chide you and will also get annoyed if you call them too much. You can hide in a box, and throw down porn mags to distract guards - one boss character can even tell you what games you had on your memory card and the only way you can beat him is to swap your Playstation controller to its second port!!!?!?!!! The game also gives you a lot of history lessons that cover real life military and war events and consequences and juxtaposes that against you the main character and the other "good guys" in the game - are you really the good guy? Are you?!?! You start getting introduced to all these other crazy cool characters - and because of your main character (Snake's) interactions with them, you start realizing how deep and crazy cool your main character is. A lot of what I just said is pretty common place now in video games, great stories, meta messages, focus on plot and characterization with good gameplay mechanics but Metal Gear Solid was released in 1998, one of the first games of this type on this level. Metal Gear Solid is not only awesome but historically important. Following games not only get better gameplay mechanics wise (adding in more advance Close Quarters Combat and gun mechanics and other abilities) but add to its own history and lore.

The whole second PS1 game basically trolls the premise of Metal Gear Solid. MGS4's hero and main character looks like he is in his 70's and there aren't many video games that give you that type of main character, most are wish fulfillment or fantasy type characters. Not characters that sneeze or have coughing fits, or just have the psychology behind them that Snake does. Oh in Metal Gear Solid 3 you can defeat a boss by turning off your game after saving and not playing the game for over a week and then the boss dies of old age 0_0 - come on how awesome is that? This is just a very deep, very unique game series. Also a series with many breakthroughs and innovations for its time. Geez actually I could talk about this game for 100 extra paragraphs and still not cover everything. I'd really recommend playing the games, or watching them or just reading about it - all links that you can.That being said? Metal Gear Solid 5 will still be really fun and awesome to play because thats the nature of these games, the game mechanics are just fun, innovate and well crafted and refined. I'd say the reason why its considered one of the greatest video games ever? Is the story, characters and themes the game carries across all its games.

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I looked around for some quick links, I don't know if there are better out there, but if you absolutely, absolutely can't play any of the other games (shame on you =p) then this might help. It just gives basic details, doesn't really explain why Metal Gear is a big deal or super great. Its a few episodes but around 10 mins each so far faster.

Metal Gear Solid The Complete Story #1 - The Beginning, Mind Blown Already


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You really have to play Metal Gear to see just how incredible it is.

I was never that interested in the series, but I got the HD collection on the cheap and I thought I'd give it a try.

I freaking love it now. I don't think anyone who plays them could possibly not like them.

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Its a fun game but unless you know the story hell even if you know the story you Probably won't get it fully

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But - and this is important - you really must play the PS1 version of MGS1 and not the Nintendo remake MGS - Twin Snakes.

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After reading all the posts first I would like to thank you all for you're careful explanations of the series. And secondly I think I will order the hd remakes of the games.

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Snake's in Super Smash Bros......

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@sog7dc: I'd say that the older games are a bit dated, as to be expected given their age. if you are used to the more modern day versions of Splinter Cell and Hitman, the older games might feel a bit clunky and lacking with opinions and abilities. If you can apply some generosity though mindful of their age, you should still have plenty of fun. The modern games also naturally have improved gameplay reflective of their settings - Oh and the games give you options of going through the games without killing any enemies too, and can be bonuses for doing so. MG3 and after starts to incorporate camouflage capabilities as well, where you can start dressing and changing camo to better blend into environments, you get lots of different gun types, from hand to hand combat, knife weapon, sniper rifles, shot guns, machine guys, pistols with silencers, rocket launchers, claymoore's, each game usually has some other surprises and tricks.

Messing with enemies can and is one of the more fun things to do, you can sneak up behind them, hold them up, choke hold them or out, make them beg, break their necks, use as human shields. They track your foot steps, foot prints, shadow, stuff like that. Each game usually has a assortment of bosses as well, which require some type of unique strategy, bosses are often related or share a similar theme, they usually have backstories explained as well, MGS4 bosses backstories are depressingly poetic and intense heh heh. You get binoculars that let you scope out environments and help select routes, you have a little radar screen that helps you as well. Others may disagree but I don't think Metal Gear Solids gameplay is that superior to other games? Its fun though and I don't consider it a weak point. Can be a bit too linear relative to other games though. I consider it more story and character orientated. Hope that helps? Oh and MG5 looks like its bringing its A game as far as gameplay, I think MTG solid games tend to do really well when technology improves, given how ambitious the games try to be, unlike many other game franchises I feel MGS actually not only maintains quality but improves. Most franchises tend to go the opposite direction. It wouldn't suppress me if MTG5 was the most fun and had the best gameplay mechanics relative to its competition peer wise.

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The Story was shit.

The Gameplay was shit.

Everything about it was shit.