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Medieval climmer - In human form, he is very weak. He is approximately 24. He has a Meerkaz (a sword as big as him (He is roughly 6'0") made of a very strong root, with smaller roots spreadying from it) a wooden club, a heavenly dagger and the grim reaper's axe of death. He has very little armor (Just a small robe covering his genitals - That is all his clothing) He is usually very scared. He can barely run, and can NOT do Parkour. In werewolf form, he is roughly 6 feet tall, dark brown, with sharp teeth and claws. He has extreme strength to the point where he could throw a human around 20 feet horizontally. He feeds on the flesh of living creatures. He is nearly unkillable. He is evil and can not use weaponry in werewolf form because of his extreme bloodlust.

Modern Climmer is a smalk talking 15 year old. He is very fit and does Parkour. He has multiple sharpened sticks as weaponry of many shapes and sizes. He has multiple thin ones he uses as darts, two ones that act as knives, and one large one that acts as a club. Unlike Medieval Climmer, this Climmer was trained in Sambo and Muay-Thai. In werewolf form he is silver and white, around or even a little stronger than MCWF (Medieval Climmer, werewolf form) but he has honor. He can use weapons in werewolf form. He is around 7'5" tall in werewolf form. He can not withstand very many blows compared to MCWF. Overall he looks more intimidating, and can drain his opponents energy by staring them down. He is also empathic.

Future Climmer is 30. He is 6'0" and is a soldier from the year 3000. He is known for his extreme lack of skill, despite having great weaponry. He carries a plasma machine gun, plasma pistol, and a plasma cannon. He has never killed anybody other than his own team mates by accident due to having horrible aim. He has nearly killed people however. He is overly headstrong, and funny. He does not have a werewolf form, instead he has a power suit. It stands at exactly 7'0" and has a plasma machine gun in one hand and a plasma cannon on the other. It is silver & white camo coloured. It is slow and bulky, yet stronger than both the other Climmers. He is known for never killing anyone aside from his team mates accidentally in this suit. In this suit he is known for breaking down the enemies generators (literally smashing extremely hard to break metals into pieces) and other things they need (He is capable of punching a gun into pieces the size of a pencil led) and does so quite frequently. His armor is very hard to break.

Medieval climmer feats: Taking down an entire kingdom in a single night, fighting off hordes of vampires, being shot by 30 arrows all over and barely feeling any of them.

Modern Climmer feats: Facing the army of the underworld and taking down 1/4 of it, caused the death of the grim reaper, taking down an entire gang

Future Climmer feats: Nothing really.

Round 1: Humans, with weapons.

Round 2: Humans, without weapons

Round 3: werewolves/power suit, modern Climmer can use weapons, bloodlust on for all.

Who wins (And for those who like writing, how?)