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Im intrigued by this mini series, I love Alex Ross' art so I will probably pick it up. I also like the variant covers.

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yup, i m gonna pick it up..actually wasn't even aware of it until today...saw the article on it earlier

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Happy it's a mini as want to get this series, but if it was ongoing wouldn't be able to. Love Ross' art and the characters involved

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@johnkmccubbin91: Exactly how I feel.

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@briangsharon: I'm getting Shadow the now and I got the Kevin Smith run on Green Hornet, also liked the Zorro films. Not heard anything about the Spider but have heard good things. Also with Ross doing the covers for Shadow and Green Hornet in the past it will be nice to see him do interiors featuring both

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@briangsharon: Love the characters, love the art. But on my budget i'll wait for the trade. Do you know if it's $3.99 or $2.99 and how long the mini-series is?

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I always dig Ross's art (the man does not do enough interiors these days), so I'll give it a go. Hopefully the writing will live up to the quality of the art.

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Alex Ross is only doing the first issue.

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I'll be trade waiting (like I usually do). If it comes out in hardcover, I'll get that version. All those great pulp heroes together is just a fantastic sight.

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Yep, I was already getting The Spider and The Shadow so this is a must for me

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gonna wait for the reviews first.