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So it seems Marvel has finally notice that there aren't enough of their female characters in their own books. But with only very small percentage of the ladies in their own series(Captain Marvel,Red She Hulk,and soon Lady Sif ) I feel it is needed I love strong female characters and with the The Fearless Defenders an all-female team coming this is great in my book. Valkyrie and Misty Knight co-leading a team of females,Marvel's answer to Bird's of Prey (that's my opinion) but the only problem I have is the title in my opinion should of been called The Lady Liberators. I will support this book to the end I love the two on the cover and hearing Dani Moonstar will be on the team is great I hope to see more members revealed. So I ask you my fellow comic lovers is this a start in a good direction for Marvel to realize that the ladies can play with the boys?

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This is an unexpected and interesting team-up.

I'd check it out.

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Not everything that the big two does, has to be an answer to the other, I think if anything this is Marvel's answer to not having very many females in the spotlight, really, besides being an all female team, it appears to have nothing else in common with BOP.

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@The Stegman:@PowerHerc: Agreed. I just can't wait to see the other members the only other member is Dani Moonstar.

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Meh. I might get it. Might not.