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@ Dex_starr. I understand what this threads about. Opinions. Therefore you stating DC is better than Marvel is not fact, awards or not. I never said Marvel is better. Everyone has their own favorites. I choose to like them all. How about we just agree to disagree. I mean the whole awards thing is really irrelevant. Im a Firefighter as a profession. Now does me not getting any awards mean I'm not worthy or a good fireman? I'm just trying to get across to you that awards to me are not that important. Some people don't go out looking for accolades. Some people need those things to feel better about themselves. Im confident in myself to know I do a job that alot of people would be afraid to do. But I don't need awards to feel important. I do it because I like to help people.

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@Sixshot23: I was going to take the time to write out a long, WELL WRITTEN (it's raking in the cash not ranking genius) rebuttal to your comment that you CLEARLY didn't put much thought into at all, but I realized that you're a troll who doesn't have anything better to do than go onto threads that are completely OPINION based and trash on those who state their opinions with illogical "facts" that NOBODY cares about, so ummmmmm, see ya later? Because nothing else you say after this matters lol... DC FTW!!!

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Bump ;)

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Rotten Tomatoes is the worst site for reviews just go to Filmmasteradam

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I always preferred marvel since its what I started with.

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I like Marvel's characters more but Marvel has been torturing their fans for quite some time, so I'll say DC.

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I don't think you can decide. In my opinion they are both as good; taking in everyone's opinions, without one the other wouldn't be as good. Thanks to the rivalry between both, that we have characters such as Iron-man, Hal Jordan, Nightcrawler, Flash and so on. I, for one, cannot decide which is better seeing as both have characters I like (Marvel: Thor, Psylocke, Deadpool and etc. DC: Hal Jordan, Superboy, Flash) and as well as both having their own downfalls such as specific writers in certain story arcs and titles. I say a tie.

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Lock this topic. I'm sick of these topics

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I personally like Dc characters more, but Amazing Spider-Man and Avengers were just good watchin'

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Marvel vs. DC needs to be a banned topic

But I like them both.

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Make Mine Marvel....

I know im a flipping idiot....

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They're both horribly publishers and plain evil.

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@moywar700 said:

They're both horribly publishers and plain evil.

Yet X-Men is your background.

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Comics- Quality between the two has switched back and forth ever since Marvel clearly was the best in the 60's. I'd give the edge to DC currently because I'm enjoying a good 50-60% of their comics in the New 52.

Video Games- Don't care at all. Not only do I not care for them, but they're a poor indicator for a company's success.

Movies- Marvel easily. Donner's Superman and Burton's Batman has aged poorly, and everything else but Nolan's Batman has been a bust. Marvel has owned the cinema since 2000, and clearly has a better future at the movies than DC with the MCU and succesful reboots of X-men and Spider-man.

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Though the DC vs. Marvel thing is getting overused.

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It is like asking which is your favorite kid.

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Marvel for me. I can read Batman, but everything else in DC is unappealing to me.

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12 pages on an overused DC vs. Marvel topic, Lock

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Marvel will definitely win...

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Marvel! DC is good only because of Batty

w/o Batty DC is pure GARBAGE

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Marvel! DC is good only because of Batty

w/o Batty DC is pure GARBAGE

Without Spider-Man Marvel is s***.

See I can say stupid things too!