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I've been thinking about this a lot recently, but I thought I'd share my ideas for new TV shows marvel can make with the vine, input as you see fit:

NEW WARRIORS: for this team I have two ideas for how a show could be made about it, both involve being tied into something else that already exists. The first is an idea for how marvel can branch out their movie-verse, but creating a live action show starring the new warriors to that can tie into the marvel movies and vice versa, in that characters from the show can show up in the movies and characters from the movies can appear in the show (it can be confusing but if done right I feel it can have some great results, and get more heroes into the world without having to have an origin movie for every character.) The new warriors can be good for this, because they are important in their own right, but aren't as well known as other teams. For my idea, I thought that maybe Joss Weadon could work on the show and make it work like he did for other fantastic live action shows in the past (Buffy, Firefly, etc.), and having him work on it could help it tie into the movies better.

My second idea for a New Warriors show is a spin-off of Avengers:Earth's Mightiest Heroes, in the yost-verse. Several fans and myself love when animated series exists in the same universe as each other and I like the feel of the yost-verse, and it could fit the New Warriors very well, plus firestar, justice, nova, namorita, and especially night thrasher rarelt show up in anything, firestar has been in the most, so seeing them all in glorious 2D animation. I'm not sure what age to make them, probably johnny's age maybe younger, who knows, but I'd like to see the team as part of this new universe.

My other ide has escaped me for the moment, but I'll post it here once I think of it, or any other ideas again.

And for the hell of it:


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The Punisher (which I think is in the works, actually)

New X-Men

New Warriors: A TV show filmed to look like a reality show.

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@JediXMan: I feel a new warriors show shouldn't start that way, but down the line it can become that like the comics themselves did. Probably people won't understand what they're going for without knowing the team first, you know what I'm getting at?