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Christmas is approaching and this is the time that I really start pressing hard looking for action figures to add to my collection. I only ever buy 3-4 figures per year so it's a pretty big deal for me.

Now I have a bit of an issue. Originally I was going to spoil myself with the new Marvel Select Eddie Brock McFarlane-styled Venom for my birthday (turning 21 in February. I hate growing up D:). BUT....I saw these guys...

The moment I saw the Lizard I went bonkers. I have the Amazing Spider-man Select Lizard. I love that figure, but...it wasn't all there. It keeps bugging me with the freaking face and lack of Goddamn clothes! But now I see the new Lizard, and I want it bad. It'll definitely be on my grab list (if I can figure out if it's being sold only as a Fearsome Foes edition or in its own box at the Disney Stores.)

Then I saw the Hulks. Barbarian/Molock Hulk isn't new; it was previewed at SDCC. I liked it then because of the detail, but I can't really love it. The loincloth rags show too much leg IMO and he'd be great along side a Skaar...if select ever freaking makes one in the future (along with my reptile lords Stegron and Sauron *swoons*). But it freaking bugs me similarly to the Spidey film Lizard.

The "Hulk-Unleashed" "variant/alternate figure" (me saying it, not Select) looks much better. But the paint blows and makes him look like a green dalmatian. Plus he looks too sinewy, like roast beef on Saint Patrick's Day. I personally like Silvestri's style of Hulk (plus Silvestri did a smoking hot Sentinel for the X-comics a while back too), but there are huge quirks between the two figures. I've collected so far all the Select Hulks and I know I will end up getting at least one. Which Hulk do you think I should go for? Or should I hold off until later-ish?

(Here's the McFarlane-styled Venom if you haven't seen him yet)

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lizard looks awesome