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When I was younger I loved Marvel characters, x-men, spider-man, and cable. But now I am just not following the marvel universe. I am so much more into DC now, but batman has been a major player the whole time. I just wanted to know how have your tastes in comics changed over the years?

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I basically went from reading all Marvel as a kid to reading DC and Indie stuff as a young adult and onward. Every once in a while I'll pick up a Marvel title but it never lasts long.

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I'v always preferred Dc.

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I went more and more to independent and Italian stuff. I realized that I get attracted by Dynamite in the last time. But that doesn't mean that I get tired of Marvel and DC (including their imprints).

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Preferred Marvel growing up, much like yourself, but am now more of a DC fan. And much like yourself it was Batman that brought me into the fold, but have since branched out with Superman, Green Lantern and, since the New 52, Aquaman and Wonder Woman. I pick up about 30-45 comics each month and I swear that there's only about 5 or 6 that are Marvel. And outside of The Darkness, the rest are DC.

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I started out liking both Marvel and DC, but leaning more towards DC from the cartoons. Then when I first dabbled into comics, I read Marvel and Archie. When I fully got into reading comics, I was exclusively DC, then I started a little dabbling in Marvel again. After seeing The Walking Dead tv show, I started to read indy stuff. Eventually I just started to read all types of comics, but I will admit that I like DC the most.

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I was given some Captain Marvel comics from the Fawcett years when I was a young lad and I've been a fan of the character ever since.

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I started with both really, always liked DC more, not an age thing, more like taste, which haven't really changed, still love me dat Spiderman =^-^=

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When I was young, I watched nothing but the cartoons, B:TAS, Superman animated series, X Men, etc, however about a decade ago I started reading the comics, I started with both DC and Marvel reading them both equally. DC kept my attention, Marvel didn't, I just like DC's characters, stories and themes better, so I kinda Dropped all things Marvel. However, recently, I'm still reading DC but also quite a few Indies as well. 

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I was born in '93 and I used to watch X-Men the animated series adamantly. I don't remember much Batman: the animated series until the New Batman Adventures, when I immediately fell in love with Nightwing. Then Superman: the animated series, Justice League, Batman Beyond, Static, and later Teen Titans and the Batman, made me a fan of DC characters. Around the same time I was loving X-Men: Evolution and all the Marvel live action films that were out. I had the Marvel encyclopedia and read it cover to cover. But it was Batman's death in '08 and my love for the Nolan films that made me want to buy an actual comic book. First, I read damn near every single entry on Batman.wika. Nightwing 138 is my oldest issue (which is actually pre-Final Crisis, I bought other Batbooks before it), afterward I made my way to DC.wika to learn about everyone else. Then the reboot came and I jumped all over it. I keep up with Marvel via reviews and wikis, but I exclusively read DC.

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I was DC first. I watched TAS JL but I marvel swayed me away with x-men movies and x-men legends. That was many years ago.

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Marvel from a very young age, then introduced to DC from 10 plus, Indie from 15. Read all of them still. A good mix.

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Batman: TAS was what got me into comics, so naturally Batman was my favourite characters for many years. However, last year I took a closer look at Superman, and realised that he's the character for me...

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I used to like Marvel but DC is way more appealing to me and now i collect the new 52 and try to buy pre-52 runs in sets as well as TPBs

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When I was little, I mainly watched a lot of superhero cartoons including X-men the animated series and Batman: The animated series. When I first heard about Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men comics, I started reading a bunch of Marvel titles after that, but then I started reading some DC comics when I started reading the Batman comics. Nowadays, I read a little of both, although I rarely pick up the newer titles from Marvel anymore and I was thinking about checking out DC's New 52 comics, so I find myself reading indie comics more than both Marvel and DC put together.