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It been a couple of months since Marvel Comics launched their Marvel NOW! relauch. To counter DC's New 52, Marvel is going with a revamp of many of their titles rather than a reboot. Some of them are pretty good, others are not.

So here are my thoughts on some of the Marvel Now! titles I been reading:

Uncanny Avengers

This was the first of the Now! titles back in October. In the aftermath of AvX, it makes sense to have a blending of the two most powerful teams in the Marvel Universe. Their person of assembling, to deal with the resurgence of mutants in the world. With some initial delays, only the first two issues have been release. So far its been pretty good, dealing with Xavier's death and the return of the Red Skull. a clone straight out with the 1940's with intense prejudice against mutants. *SPOILERS* Having a super Nazi using Xaiver's brain to mind control Scarlet Witch to repeat "No More Mutant"? What of twist. While its my really my type of art, there are some great scenes. However, there are some things I don't like. First off, I kinda hated Scarlet Witch's initial scene. She hates her entire race just because of her father and asks whats wrong with letting an entire ethnic group die off? Really!? While I find Rogue and Havok interesting, none the rest of the members stood out. Is Sunfire really the mutant they can add?

Anyways, I still will give this series a chance for a few for issues.

All New X-Men

I was nervous about this title. I usually think time travel is overused and taken too lightly. But I enjoy Bendis and the first two issues have been great. I loved the first scene, with Cyclops and his team help "liberate" persecuted mutants. He is really buying into his own hype. But like the rest of Marvel, there is this continued demonizing of his character that I just don't buy into. Right now, I liking Cyclops as a true anti-hero, fighting to the extreme for mutants. Based on this, I will give Bendis' new Uncanny X-Men a shot when it comes out. Anyways, back to All New X-Men, Bendis as always has a way with words. However, Bobby and Hank have been whiny assholes, *SPOILERS* Beast may be dying, but he is endangering the entire time-space continuum to stop Scott from creating a "mutant apocalypse," get off your high horse and stop exaggerating. Seriously, what if you are wrong? Also, if Beast is dying, how does he fit into the New Avengers Illuminati. Other than that, it has been interesting seeing how the "new" old X-Men meet the "old" new X-Men. Or is that the other way around.

I think it has a lot potential as the new X-Men flagship title, so I'll keep reading it. But being twice a month (fortnightly in the fancy way) it will be a bit pricey.

Indestructible Hulk

Like his acclaimed Daredevil run, Mark Waid's Indestructible Hulk has a similar theme. A tortured hero finally decides to accept his affliction and all the tradegy that been happening to them and have a "happier" outlook on life. Referencing AvX, Bruce Banner is fed up with just being the "bruiser" and decided to emphasize his status as one of the eight smartest men in the world. In fact, my favorite scene was him exploding about the fact the the smart man that save them was "Tony Stark" and not Bruce Banner. And like Marvel's The Avengers movie, he decided to use the hulk as a directed cannon rather than a time bomb. Having the Hulk work for S.H.I.E.L.D. is probably cause of the upcoming animated series (Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.) which sounds like a train wreck. But this series does have potential. The art is very pretty and action toward the end was good. Though I am still a bit mad at Maria Hill for Civil War, I do like her new role in the series.

I enjoy the first issue and as long as it stays good, I'll keeping picking it up.

So that is it for the Marvel NOW! comics I been reading.

This December I'll give both Thunderbolts and Avengers a try.

I am on the fence with New Avengers. It's no longer the dysfunctional family of close-to-the ground heroes, but instead the Illuminati..

I ABSOLUTELY refuse to buy Avengers Arena. This is clearly trying to cash in on the Hunger Games/Battle Royale popularity, which is kinda late to jump on the bandwagon. Hopeless (depressing pen name by the way) is going to take many of the beloved characters from Avengers Academy and have them kill each other. I worry for Reptil, Hazmat, Mettle, and especially X-23. Laura especially vowed to never kill without reason again. So I either all these deaths are "fake" or they will end up living with the fact they kill their friends. Either way, this is horrible.

So these are my thoughts on Marvel NOW! Let me know your thoughts and opinions.

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U gonna read Superior Spider-man?

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Im reading captain america, iron man, thor: god of thunder, indestructible hulk, and hawkeye (even though i started with the issues that werent part of marvel now) and im getting avengers as well

The only one im not liking at all is iron man