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According to fans of comic vine, Marvel seems to be doing better than DC, even though DC has number one spot, there more Marvel titles in the top 8.

I created a thread called ''A ranking system for the titles of 2013'' I would be very greatful if you guys and girls can take part in my thread. All you have to do is rank the titles that your reading this year.

You don't just have to rank DC and Marvel titles , you can rank any comics that your reading.

Here is link to that thread


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Indie ftw

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@i_like_swords: i kind of dig image comics just to be free of the big 2 labels and the rivalry set out by them. invincible ftw

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@wolverine1610: Invincible is good, although I had to drop it to make room for other titles. Another great Image title is "The Strange Talent of Luther Strode" and "The Legend of Luther Strode." Judging by your username you won't mind the amount of blood and gore in this title, so you should check it out. The Strange Talent is Luthers origin which you can get in TPB and The Legend is his ongoing. The first TPB for that isn't out yet to my knowledge.

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Let me guess both the DC titles are Batman and Superman? Marvel is much better at pushing its other characters than DC is. They are quite content to just sit back with Superman and Batman and let the others run their course. If the two aren't Bats and Supes I'll take back my statement (slightly lol)

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@i_like_swords: thank's i'll definitely have to check it out. yeah i had to download all of invincible because someone recommended it and it was already 102 issues in so i just downloaded the whole series and i enjoyed it. have you heard of the bounce from image?

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@i_like_swords: i kind of dig image comics just to be free of the big 2 labels and the rivalry set out by them. invincible ftw

The problem with Image (even though there have been some good titles) is that it is mainly Rob Liefeld and McFarlane that talks for them and both seems to have no idea or recognition of that the bigtwo (mainly Marvel) help all the creators of image to have a platform where they could get famous. They couldn't have started doing Image (not only because of the money) but because they weren't famous before that. And that people would keep buying books as long as the books looks fine and have famous people on it has proven wrong. Non of the old Image titles is selling anything like the books at Marvel and DC. Not to long a go Rob Liefeld came with the statement that it was so funny and ironic that so many Marvel writers was doing titles for Image now. Rob Liefeld didn't mention that non of the writers was a part of the old Image/Marvel war and probably simply released their titles where they got paid the most nor that many of the writers will keep on writing for Marvel but is simply doing a self owned publication at Image. The idea was great but poorly executed. That McFarlane showed he got doublet standards when it came to creator owned characters haven't helped Image's image either.

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@tupiaz: well that sucks, i didn't know about all that dang lol

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Why does it matter whether Marvel's doing better than DC or vicer versa?

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At the current state of Marvel it is a shame that DC are still way back behind them.It's not that DC is so great but it is still way better than Marvel.The best publishers are the Indie ones.

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They are deservedly better