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Well, I've kicked off playing the game. I'm running around as Spider-Man in an FF costume right now and, although the cut-scenes are a bit silly, I'm enjoying myself. I've got Jean Grey and Cyclops to play as, too. Lots to try out.

Is anyone else playing this yet? How are you finding it? I figured people could use this thread as a way of finding their fellow Viners in-game. I'm playing under the name 'Saranth'.

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I'm there as krunkeela

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I played it but never felt drawn to it after a while.

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I would love to play this game but is it free and where can i get it ?

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You got Spidey from the start?...

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@thedarkdaredevil It's free! You can get it at MarvelHeroes.com.

I bought the Spider-Man starter pack, but I've also been really fortunate with drops; I've already picked up a couple of costumes, including the red Big Time Spider-Man suit. It dropped off of a Venom world-boss. I got the Jean Grey/Cyclops pack for being active over Valentine's Day, I think.

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I'm still mad I can't play as Silver Surfer but I can play as Squirrel Girl. That's why I'm not playing