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So I have heard that Marvel's Digital Comic Book Unlimited service has been available to iOS and Android tablets and phone for over a month now in beta form for subscribers.

Does anyone have it and tried it on their iPads or other tablets? I think I have only found one article online on someone's impressions on the beta app. Would like to hear more.

Also, Marvel DCU deals, where do I find out (or subscribe to a newsletter or something) to find out the latest deals. I've seen online some promotional codes that discount the $60 annual fee by 30%!

I know one that is currently working ( comeback3 ) that offers 20% off. Though I'm not really biting on the service with a lack of tablet, just an iPhone (but that sounds like a real bad alternative).

To be honest though, been on the fence on getting a tablet, but if Marvel DCU is available and functioning nicely on one, it will be a huge incentive.

On a side note. I have seen videos of people using tablet browsers that worked on the flash based DCU reader but it seemed horrible.

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Bump. Please read first post.

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Hmm. Wouldn't know about that. Have an iPad, but I've been getting pretty much everything through Comixology.

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Hmm. Wouldn't know about that. Have an iPad, but I've been getting pretty much everything through Comixology.
This service allows acces to EVERYTHING Marvels published?
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Well no, I should have probably explained what the service was as well on the opening thread but basically it's a subscription you pay annually to Marvel and they give you access to over 10,000 comics. There is of course something everyone should be aware, from what I heard the selection of issues you view on their web based viewer (so you do not download and own the books, think of it as a digital library with full access as long as your subscription is active) are not brand new. Instead the service adds classic comics as well as some newer comics that have been out for some time now every week. I think the newest comics they will have by April 2013 will be Avengers vs X-Men (main as well as part of the event issues). Also to note that there are a lot "holes" in their available collections. For example they currently have 309 issues of Uncanny X-Men, but they range from 1-66, 94-153 etc etc. I assume that they at least try to have complete story arcs for what they put out.

I think the people who benefit most are the ones who just want to read older comics and for people who want to learn and discover about many different series with little risk to your wallet.

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Waiting for a discount on the now much improved Marvel Unlimited service has backfired. They have been adding a lot more issues in the past couple of weeks and they are justifying a price increase which is exactly what is happening on May 15, 2013. The price for the service will go from $59.88 to $69.00 on May 15. Even if a 15% discount appears after May 15, it will be roughly the same price as it is now.

Well, I'll be subscribing to the service in a couple of days and offer my impressions on it eventually.