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Hi to everyone:

This is for all Marvel followers that would like to have some kind of a list for all the comics of marvel, i made a file in Excel, a very long list of if not all the comics a lot of them, i think almost all, i didnt include reprints, omnibus or hardcovers, just the plain issues of every volume i could find on www.comics.org and everything related to Marvel. I typed almost all i could find even the newest comics until this week.

Since it is a file in Excel you can paint the cells on the comic you have or everything you like like add photos or everything really, i hope you like it, to me it is a help for the continuity of the issues and can be of help to all you too, i spent several months making this, so here it is for all of you.


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Wow, impressive

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Awesome dude

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@Owie said:

Wow, impressive


@elgueromoreno said:

Awesome dude

That too.