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Apparently Marvel Comics purchased DC comics this afternoon. The paperwork is still getting written up and some contracts have been signed. Starting in May of '08, Marvel Comics will officially the DCU and all it's rights/contents. And as of today, you've just become the April Fool.

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nice one....you scared me for a sec with the title though lol

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Whoah...Thats scary.

I love DC and I love Marvel, They need to stay apart.

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Lol...I suspected that this was a hoax or something when I saw the title :D


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Methos says:

"***SLAP*** ========== M"

Why are you writing like that?

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Not even remotely believable.

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Damn, fell for it.

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Damn Eternal Chaos ! I was about to sh!t a brick when I saw this thread. Good joke dude

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DANGGGGGGG you got me i was mad then a MF. one of the best i had since all day.

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I knew Marvel wouldn't bother as if they could actually afford to buy DC.

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Hay, if a man could get pregnant, then one of these two companies would own the other someday, just like Coke bought Pepsi.

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I thought I would just post this person's thoughts because they are so close to my own.