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I'm looking for issues where characters have different hairstyles the usual over the decades for fanart. My unique art trait is that I always draw men with long hair & women with short hair. Magneto or Mr. Sinister with long hair, Storm with a mowhawk, Rogue with short hair, etc.

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I am looking for a Deadpool art in wich he's face is in the background and siryn and copycat are about to fight eachother.
Saw it not long ago on google and I havent been able to find it since then, was original art I belive, due to the quality of it.

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Looking for Ronin art, other than the ones that are already on the ronin page.

also looking for midnighter scans... but that's not marvel.

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A cable pic where his arm looks like a dragon almost, Meatlic (duh) and like blades coming out of it.

Been looking for this pic for years

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Mr. Wilson said:

M.... Still too short. It needs tobe longer, like his Joseph clone's.
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What if ghost Rider was in the suit of iron man... Pls make a drawing of it