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“We’re hoping to introduce folks who have never read any of these characters to these characters in this format, and also provide an interesting and illuminating story for people who have read a lot of Fantastic Four and Daredevil,” Tom Brevoort, Marvel’s senior vice president of publishing, tells USA Today. “If you want to dip your toe in the water and find out the essence of what Marvel is all about, here is a nice place for you to start in big, sizable, meaty chunks.”

The first wave will feature: Fantastic Four: Season One, by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and David Marquez, due in February; X-Men: Season One, by Dennis Hopeless and Jamie McKelvie, in March; Daredevil: Season One, by Antony Johnston and Wellinton Alves, in April; and Spider-Man: Season One, by Cullen Bunn and Neil Edwards, in May. A second wave will debut soon afterward.

Season One isn’t a relaunch or an Ultimate Universe-like initiative — “”Everything you know about them, everything that’s existed for the last 50 years still exists and is still there,” Brevoort says — but neither is it a mere retelling of the characters’ origins. “These are individually new stories,” he says, “even though they’ve got bits and pieces of old and formative origin stuff in and around them, as well.”

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Will these be canon? Cause I really like this idea.

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Really like the idea too. The Fantastic Four image here looks nice, but Jamie McKelvie on X-Men is awesome. All my dreams have come true.
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Gotta love Marvel. Just one year ago they were thrashing the idea of DC's OGN now they do the same only without a new story. 

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I'm digging this idea

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@Gambit1024: My impression is that they are indeed canon and not alternate versions of these stories and characters.

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This type of specialty book is whats wrong with the current business model, unnecessary rehashing at a premium price/format,Meh,  No one today is going to tell a better FF origin then Stan & Jack did. Why waste my money, keep diluting your audience and product  Marvel and you'll wind up in DC's situation. Nuff' said.

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Am I the only one who instantly thought "Year One" after seeing the title?
I'll probably pick up the Spider-Man one if it looks any good along with an Avengers: Season One seeing as I have a feeling it'll be part of the second wave that was mentioned. Hopefully these will actually be worth reading but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.... =/