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I have been a HUGE fan of MMA for the past 10 years, and I have trained in MMA for the past few years. I have been a big fan of comics for the past year. So I have a much bigger understanding of MMA or Martial Arts than I do comic book characters. After watching UFC tonight, I wanted to tie comic book characters to MMA in some way, and here it is:

I am reading Archer & Armstrong. Archer has been taught multiple martial arts throughout his life. Archer's powers from some military project has allowed him to excel in these martial arts. Though Archer does not possess any "super powers". No super strength, no super speed, etc. I haven't had the chance to read all of the characters in Marvel or DC and their origins, but any that i have seem to have received their powers and have been able to fight like they have been training for years. I realize that there are some characters like the Hulk who just smash, and this makes perfect sense. He's not performing flying high kicks.

My questions are this: Can you name any characters with super powers that have had Martial Arts training? Do you think the characters with super powers would be a much larger threat if they did have Martial Arts training (at least in one on one fights with other super powered characters)?

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Wonder Woman knows some kung fu so she should be able to beat Superman.

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@colonyofcells: So does Batman.......Well I don't know if he knows Kung Fu, but he knows like 17 Martial Arts styles.

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Mr. Majestic


Wonder Woman


Captain Atom




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So many it's to hard to list them all but the biggest threat is Wonder Woman amazonian warrior skill and the power to match Superman she is one bad ass lady and mops the floor with characters like Hulk

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@ShadowMonkey: I share your love for MMA and Comics exactly the same way :)

In the Spider-Island comics, Spiderman has was taught Kong-Fu by Shang-Chi. This was because Peter lost his spider-sense, and I won't spoil how. Peter Parker eventually developed his own fighting style from the lessons.

I think you would love Taskmaster's comics. His super-powers, are to copy any movment he sees, weather it is a fighting technique or a guitar solo, or even a cooking instruction or dance move. He used to give the Avengers trouble way back in the old days.

Mister X has trained in so many things. His superpower is precognition, so he can predict movements and attacks before they happen. That's how he beat Tasmaster.

DareDevil has his enhanced senses and stuff, but If "The Stick" hasn't trained him in martial arts he wouldn't be the super-hero he becomes.(He is blind, yet kicks ass).

Also, there is Joe Palooka an MMA comic book character. (I haven't read it, but I was thinking about it).

This is for fun: http://www.myspace.com/myspacemma/blog/544788018

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@ImmortalT1000 said:

@colonyofcells: So does Batman.......Well I don't know if he knows Kung Fu, but he knows like 127 Martial Arts styles.


And Midnighter.

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In the bronze age, Superman knew some kryptonian kung fu but he still got beaten up by Faora. The pre-flashpoint female judomaster in the Jsa was given some power to make her more useful.

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@Killer_of_trolls: That was a great link. This one was my favourite:

William Romero: The Incredible Hulk. The reason being is that if I snap, you're all f***ked! (Laughs)

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Iron Fist

Kitty Pryde

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@ImmortalT1000: I thought of Batman when I was writing the post as a character that knows martial arts, but unfortunately he does not have super powers. Though still awesome.

@colonyofcells said:

Wonder Woman knows some kung fu so she should be able to beat Superman.

I love that! I am a big fan of women's MMA, and having a situation where a woman can beat the Anderson Silva of superheroes is awesome!

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@ShadowMonkey: Well I know he doesnt have super powers, but Batman still has a good set of tools in his utility belt.

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I was into comics before martial arts. But once I started training, all I could think was...how in the world could these dudes become black belts in all these arts and not be at least 50. LOL. Granted...for someone like Shang Chi who been training since he could crawl and didn't do anything other than train up until he was 20 or so...I could see.

Yeah..it's a comic, I know..but still...LOL.

And grappling is almost nonexistent. I know it can't be like an MMA match as there are tons of rules. But damn..we can't get an armbar here or there? LOL. Obviously, I'm talkin' about one on one encounters as it would be impractical to try this fightin' a pack of dudes.

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@DaAwesome2 said:

And grappling is almost nonexistent. I know it can't be like an MMA match as there are tons of rules. But damn..we can't get an armbar here or there? LOL. Obviously, I'm talkin' about one on one encounters as it would be impractical to try this fightin' a pack of dudes.

So true, the first thing I learned in BJJ is don't go for an armbar when your up against more than one guy. The stomps to the head against the pavement just weren't in the plan. But ya, I would like to see more BJJ moves, or even a Judo toss here & there. But having a busy comic artist take the time to learn what moves would work best in each situation would be very time consuming, they would almost have to take the fight classes themselves. But it would sure elevate some fight scenes. I'm going to look back in my comics to see if I can find any good examples of kicks that have proper form (hip rotation, weight balance, hand position, etc).

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Cyclops trained in Judo and taught many of the 'all-new' X-Men. Colossus, for example, used to get chastised for not using judo against foes he was having trouble defeating. I think Batroc the Leaper has used Savate.

I think instead of MMA heroes would eventually settle on Krav Maga. Little white lie - in Krav you learn to never, ever go to the ground (if you can avoid it). Arm bars, chokes, and other submission moves are a big no-no. Stuff you can't do in the cage is actually the first things you try in Krav. I say it's a little white lie because there are no rules when fighting outside of proper events including rules against these maneuvers.

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@ShadowMonkey:It's an interesting topic, though most of the character's profiles just say that they are master martial artists. Not much detail is given on what their primary styles are. I've been doing karate for the past ten years but I've yet to see any character perform moves that look similar to it.

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Well, the majority of Krav would not be sports legal. Not sayin' that's a bad thing. But most arts have tons of techniques that would get you DQ'd in a sec if you tried that in any sports setting. Not all places train people on those, tho. So you end up with the "Mcdojos" and dudes who have you thinkin'..."how the %^&* you get a black belt"

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I agree completely. My point being that super heroes don't fight with rules so I think a lot of them would end up settling on Krav. Particularly since that is what a lot of law enforcement agencies are learning, so I think as they started researching ways to learn to fight better they would end up on Krav. And then they would adapt it to utilize their particular talents. But that doesn't make for a very interesting comic book if everyone is fighting the same. When it comes right down to it Krav is more of a philosophy than a fighting style. It takes what works, tosses what doesn't, and tries to have as few moves as possible to deal with as many scenarios as possible. That way you don't have to think about which way to get out of a choke you should use when some bubba in a bar has you in that choke. You just react with the one maneuver you know.

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Iron First would probably be the best example as his powers are integrated into his martial arts training. Wolverine is also a really good example...the guy has learnt so many forms of martial arts over the decades.

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@ShadowMonkey: MANY super heroes in the Marvel universe have had Martial Arts training.

Captain America

Spider-Man (although, only recently) and he's more effective since being trained by Shang-Chi (Master of Kung Fu)

Almost all of the X-men

Most of the Avengers

the list goes on and on...

and yes, those that have to fight are much more effective because of their training...