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i'm going with the Man of steel.

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I found Iron Man 3 to be OK. MoS will be amazing, though.

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I found Iron Man 3 to be OK. MoS will be amazing, though.

Pretty much my opinion on the matter, too.

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I hope MoS is really good. I actually hope the same for Iron Man 3 though. I know which one im more hyped for of course, and if one had to fail for the other to succeed, I know which one id want to succeed. Man of Steel on both counts. But, I do know which one id expect to be more reliable without any information at hand, Iron Man 3. At worst, it will just be ok, MoS at worst will be the most disappointing movie since The Phantom Menace.

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Iron man 3 will make more money but Man of Steel will be the better movie.

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I can't really judge till both movies are out, but I have high hopes for Man of Steel.

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All I can say is Iron Man 3 has set the bar very high for Man of Steel, part of me thinks it can't make it, but the least I think I will get is a good movie and that's all I ask.

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I haven't watched man of steel yet because it come out 26 of June in Australia but I'm pretty sure it is gone be better than IM3 because iron man 3 was disappointing as hell for me.

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Man of Steel is best superhero action movie....EVER!!! I felt like the avengers were fighting weak minions and loki got his ass handed to him by the hulk (funny, yes. Exiting, no). Superman gave us more action than TDK/R (althought Im willing to say TDK has better drama), IM3 and the Avengers combined. I dont think the movie will beat IM3 in box office money but for the first movie in a possible trilogy I think it did better than all. Overall even with my Superman fanboyism I give it a 9/10. Rotten Tomatoes should not influence your dessicion to go see the movie. I plan on buying the DVD and maybe even seeing it multiple times and taking my family to go see it, The Age of Steel has just begun. Viva el Hombre the Fierro.

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I'll say this:

Steel is stronger than Iron.

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@biteme_fanboy: i loved shutter island when i saw it the first time. genius movie with like the most mind fucking plot twist ever lol. why does like noone mention this movie? its so good

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Hah both these movies suck

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Man of Steel was better.

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I liked both, but I'm going with MOS on this one.

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I did not really care for MoS. Too many explosions and the movie was too Zack Snyder for Superman. Iron Man 3, for me.

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Ha, it wasn't even close Man of Steel easily.

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Man of Steel was 100x better than IM3

IM3 was hilarious, but I prefer action of comedy.

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Origin movies generally have a more appealing glaze to them, so it's fair to compare and contrast Iron Man 1 to Man of Steel... but to ask to compare a second sequel to an initial offering is already saying that you think Man of Steel is a ''less than'' movie. After seeing both Man of Steel and Iron Man 3 though I have come to conclude that I enjoyed Iron Man 3 more, but Man of Steel was almost as good. It was just too heavy of a film with all the destruction and explosions (though the story was good and the acting was top notch, it just wasn't all that).

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Both were terrible, but Iron Man had much more artistic value, dialogue that doesnt sound like its from a 3rd grade play, and actually had much better cgi.