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I've seen alot about DC vs Marvel films which will do better and all that. I enjoy the Batman trilogy and all of the Marvel (excluding DareDevil and the rebooted Spider-Man) but when I look at the trailer for SuperMan I didn't get chills like I did with the Avengers or Batman movies. I'm not excited about he movie but that's it I'm not going to bash the film becuz there might be people who enjoy the movie. Just like with the Avengers I felt best super hero movie out there but I'm sure there are people who would disagree and that's fine everyone is entitled to their opinions as long as they DON'T BASH the opinions of others. If your excited about the movie hope you have a good time if your not excited cool Iron Man 3 and Thor aren't that far away :)

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It looks very cerebral and may go over peoples heads who are expecting Pre-52 Superman, DC seems to think it is OK to reboot and play with the single most well known character in the Genre. This is a self-inflicted make or break moment for DC. DC fans should be supporting this film in RL cause if it fails...DC is finished. You know Disney smells blood in the water.

I have my talons crossed and hope that it bombs.

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It could but I think it'll be okay/average at worst. Obviously I could be wrong but here's hopin'.

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