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Around comicvine people think I'm a Marvel fan, which is not true. The only comics I read is Darktower, IDW stuff like doctor who and Star trek, and a few spidey comics.

I don't like the movie, because It over-hyped like superman returns, and green lantern.They became failures. Superman film will be best if it was animated.Just saying.

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Suck? I don't think so. At the worst, it would be average.

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Why? No opinion can exist before seeing a film, I'm not optimistic about it at the moment but I hope and pray it'll be good! and lets face it, it can't be worse than the steaming pile of horse sh*t that was Superman IV... At the end of the day you can't judge a film just because previous attempts were mediocre or poor... If that was the case every Marvel & DC film would suck! They've had a load of crap over the years.

Also, Green Lantern was not over-hyped! I can't remember many people being excited.

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I hope it doesnt suck.

I thought it would suck inittially but now I see Snyder is in control and Nolan is just a name for show, not really involved deeply enough to do damage. so Im hopeful and the trailer looks awesome

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Most comic movies kinda suck so long ago I learned to expect all comic movies to be horrible and when they aren't that bad it feels like a win in my book. As for the Superman movie there's really no way we can tell right now but I do feel like it will at least be alright.

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It's a tad early to say it's going to suck. Personally I think the trailer looks pretty awesome and nails a lot of great things about Superman.

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The Last trailer makes me think that the movie is excellent, and what I've heard from Pre-Release watchers(on the internet) that it is excellent. I tend to think that it will be excellent we'll have to wait and see.

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Every trailer has been superb and full of hype. I think it will be an awesome movie, as good as the Batman movies.

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@darkagekiller: Trailers are nothing, I remember loving the Fantastic Four 2 trailer! It was a horribly bad film, the only good part was the part in the trailer when Johnny is chasing the Surfer.

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@darkagekiller: That's a poor like/dislike ratio for a film that is supposedly "over-hyped". Did you happen to see how much it grossed? Not much to be honest, it was never over-hyped.

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If Man of Steel is successful, they'll make a Justice League movie, (rumor has it.)

I hope it doesn't suck. My one complaint is that they're using General Zod AGAIN. It's not like Superman 2 wasn't successful enough with Zod.

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@shark_repellent_bat_spray: http://newmoviereportcard.blogspot.com/2011/06/overhyped-green-lantern-takes-on-super.html

Overhype: Green Lantern to be like "Star Wars"(http://reelheroes.blogspot.com/2011/08/overhype-green-lantern-to-be-like-star.html).

I rest my case.

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So.. it'll suck because Green Lantern did? Last I checked different people were making it. On a side note, Superman Returns was the best Superman movie to date.

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“It’s not a comic book movie as much as an epic adventure with huge scope and scale, a space opera in the vein of Star Wars with an Earthbound Top Gun vibe” [Greg Berlanti, producer and writers of the film]
“I wandered through the art department, and that’s what sold me, seeing this universe that’s created and the scale of it all. They’re taking the Green Lantern canon from the comics and they’re extending it out into this new medium. Our goal is to make the first superhero who really goes on a ‘Star Wars’ kind of epic journey, and this mythology goes back a lot further than Star Wars." [Ryan Reynold's, portrays Hal Jordan/Green Lantern in the film]
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@darkagekiller: Of course the people involved with the film are going to have positive opinions of the film? They have to! Nobody would give them a job if they said "This film is complete crap". Would they?

What I'm saying is, fans were generally not hyped and the gross reflects that. Even poor films can get a high gross with hype.

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@darkagekiller: So, the next time some people are hyped I guess we'll call a film over-hyped? Much more people weren't excited and I actually knew big comic fans who didn't go see it in the cinema, myself included! I waited until it was on the movie channels because of my dismissive feelings towards it, and the Ryan Reynolds casting.

Also, the Green Lantern film had 225 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, 166 of these were rotten reviews and it holds a 26% Rotten rating... Not exactly much love for it is there? Can't say many critics really liked it and I never heard a critic say they were excited to see it... It also holds up poorly with the GA with a 47% out of 118k ratings.

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Highly doubt this movie will suck. Critics say its amazing, the trailers look amazing, and there is no reason to jump to conclusions. You say you don't like the movie without watching it....

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Nope. 's gonna rock.

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it will be better than Avengers

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Have you seen the movie? I'm sure you won't like it even if it was the best movie ever.

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For all intents and purposes, I believe not.

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It should be good. You never know though, you can be fooled by trailers every now and then. Doubt it will do as good as Avengers or Dark Knight though.

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@DarkAgeKiller I have no idea why you made this thread ? You basically said I don't read a lot of comic and I am not going to watch this movie.

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Wanna watch the movie first?

Oh wait...this is the internet...

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You don't like the movie because it's "over hyped" RIIIIGHT

I mean that's totally what you should judge a movie on. Not the quality or enjoyment of the movie itself but the attention it gets.

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@dernman said:

You don't like the movie because it's "over hyped" RIIIIGHT

I mean that's totally what you should judge a movie on. Not the quality or enjoyment of the movie itself but the attention it gets.

Haha! This.

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Suck? I don't think so. At the worst, it would be average.

Challenge Extended Warner Brothers!!!! Challenge Extended!

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I will say this. That latest trailer took away some of the hype I had for the movie. Seeing different parts of the movie, one thing seemed clear to me, Henry Cavill seems to be miscast. In none of the trailers so far did I feel Cavill will deliver an amazing performance as clark. I've never heard him talk in previous trailers, and I think that may have been purposeful, because in the few times he did talk in the latest trailer, it was lackluster. He doesn't have that "THAT'S FUCKN SUPERMAN" feel when he talks. Almost seems like a shy, nerd or something. The same issue that superman returns had.

Thats my main concern with this film. It all rides on him, its his origin story. If he doesn't deliver, the movie will be considered a flop, considering how much hype it has gotten. People are saying its going to be as good or better than the batman trilogy. People are saying it will be better than the Avengers. Based on the hype, either its going to be one of the greatest comic book movies ever made, or its going to be a flop. Those are extremely high expectations that I only hope this movie can live up to. Because if it doesn't, no matter how much better it is than Superman returns, many will consider it a flop. If it does, you can only blame yourselves for hyping it up so much. I hope it will be successful, and I do think it will be. But i'm just cautious now.

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@novi_homines: its not just the hype.The director of hellboy can fix superman.

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I better hope and pray that this movie is a big blockbuster as I 'm dying to see the DC universe in movies and we all know that the possibility of seeing a DC universe on the big screen is directly proportional to the success of MOS.

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Well, I don't know if I'd consider those valid reasons to say it'll suck (personal opinion), but in my opinion, even the Batman movies weren't all they were cracked up to be. DC does do animated pretty great, though.

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Is there even a point to this thread? Did you mean to make a twitter post or something? xD

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I find it funny whenever anyone on these boards complain about something (be it a a film, video game, or a story arc) being overhyped. We are the small demographic that takes the time to look into these thing's. We follow every rumor, read every interview, and dissect every trailer. Then we have the audacity to claim that something didn't live up to the unreasonable expectations that we have built up for literally months. I still know people who have no idea that a Superman film is even being released this summer.

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You should watch the movie first and then give an opinion on it

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@sinestro_gl said:

Wanna watch the movie first?

Oh wait...this is the internet...

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It COULD suck, but it could also be one of the greatest comic films ever made. Any film can suck, but wait until it actually comes out to say whether it sucks or not.

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The trailers have been top notch so far as I'm concerned. So I choose to be optimistic.

The only thing I can really see ruining this movie would be if it tried to make Superman dark and gritty. Because that is just the Superman that nobody wants to see.

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I don't think I am going to like it, but I will wait til I see it before I speak my opinion on it.

I didn't like the trailers though. To artsy and stupid.

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Suck? I don't think so. At the worst, it would be average.

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@darkagekiller: So your judging a movie before it even comes out? Doesn't make much sense to me.

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With a combo of Snyder and Nolan I really don't see how it could be bad.

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I think it looks great.

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Haters will hate to the point where they act stupid.