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There have been many teams throughout the years of comics, Avengers, Justice League, Titans, and many more.

Lets see what we can do about making the perfect team.

There are some roles that must be met.

Leader: The person who takes charge and makes the big decisions

Skills guy: The guy who knows how to do just about everything

Powerhouse: Your normal brick/beaststick

Blaster: Either guns or blasts, this person deals with the ranged stuff

Controller: The person who deals with large groups

The Face: Every team needs a spokesman

Fighter: Every team needs a high grade hand to hand guy

Flyer: Flight is required for at least one person

The Brain: Someone who can work a lab

Hot chick: Every team has one.

Now plenty of times these roles have been taken up by more than one person, or one person may fill more than one role.

Lets make a team: The rules:

1. You must have every role filled

2. Nobody who could kill a planet. (lets keep the power reasonable)

3. All people must be of similar mindsets. No mixing heroes and villains. Also think carefully if the people would work together

4. For now only comic characters, but any company is fine.

5. Give reasons for your picks other than just "Their powers are cool"

6. Give your team a name.

I will post my team when I get home, still stuck at work.

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Team scary fan-fiction

Leader/ The Brain: Professor X

Skills Guy/ Powerhouse/Fighter/The Brain/Hot Chick: She Hulk

Blaster/ Controller/Hot Chick: Scarlet Witch

Leader/Flyer/Brain/Hot Chick/Face: Jean Grey

The Face/ The Brain/ Skills Guy: Beast

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The Outside Force

  • Skills Guy/Leader: Hawkeye
  • Powerhouse/Controller: Geo-Force
  • Blaster/The Face: Black Lightning
  • Fighter/Hot Chick: Katana
  • The Brain/Flyer: Vision
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Leader: Ultimate Captain America

Skills guy: Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier)

Powerhouse: Red Hulk

Blaster: Grifter (Wildstorm)

Controller: War Machine

The Face: Nick Fury

Fighter: Prince of Orphans

Flyer: Archangel

The Brain: Ultimate Iron Man

Hot chick: Psylocke

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Leader: Jason Todd

Skills guy: Mr. Terrific

Powerhouse: Capt. Marvel

Blaster: Red star

Controller: Kyle Rayner

The Face: Booster Gold

Fighter: Cassandra Cain

Flyer: Maxima

The Brain: Oracle

Hot chick: Power Girl

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Im trying to find someone who fits all the options so I can call the team All A Lone and it would only have one member