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The Exiles are a team of super hero's from alternative realties' who have been taken out of time just before the point of there death's, and are now being sent around the muiltverse to fix problems in time.

Who would be on your Exiles team? Either pick from any alternate reality character from any comic book, or make your own alternate of a hero or villian to join it


The other 5:

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My Exiles both Marvel and DC

  • Leader- Earth-9602 Storm- Amazon from the Amalgam comics
  • Earth-20051 Hercules- Marvel Adventures Hercules
  • Earth-208 Wolverine- Xtreme X-Men Wolverine
  • Earth-1610 Hawkeye- Ultimate Hawkeye
  • New 52 Aquaman- Current Aquaman
  • Post Crisis Zatanna- Zatanna before the New 52
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Leder: Kidpool, Cpatain AMerica with a symbiote, six-armed vampire Spiderman, Storm as Thor, Frank Castle with the War Machine armor and WOlverine as Death

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These would be my choices for Exiles!!

  • Earth 295 Blink (cuz I love that character)- AoA
  • Earth 8351 Spider-man- What If? Spider-man Vs Wolverine
  • Earth 1610 Gregory Stark- Ultimate Universe
  • Aphrodite IX- Image-verse
  • Earth 92010 Wolverine- Old Man Logan
  • Nemesis- Wildstorm-verse
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Bump :3

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These from already existing What if? worlds and alternative timelines

* Spider-Man from the Mangaverse

* Caiera the Oldstrong where she survived instead of Hulk

* Mustang the son of Hawkeye and She-Hulk from a What if continuation of the Secret Wars

* Barbara Ketch as Ghost Rider

* Professor X the Juggernaut

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  • Leader: Blink (AoA 'cuz there can't be an exiles team without her in my opinion)
  • Morph (Another original exiles)
  • Old man Logan
  • Basilisk (from Age of X)
  • Kitty Pride (Ultimate)
  • Megan Summers