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The Game goes like this:

1. You are unofficially the new general manager/editor-in-chief of your favorite publisher.

2. You propose a trade using the characters in said universe for characters in another universe (i.e. DC characters for Marvel characters). The characters cannot be from the same universe.

3. The next user either approves or denies the trade and posts a trade of their own.

4. The trade doesn't have to be a straight up trade. You can trade one character for multiple characters or vice versa.

5. Teams are allowed but can only be traded for another team not multiple characters or teams. So you can't trade Spider-man for the Teen Titans.

6. Books aren't allowed.

7. Supporting characters are allowed.

8. Only one version of a character at a time. So if you pick Ghost Rider you have to distinguish which version.

9. Characters can be proposed more than once and trades aren't standing. So once a trade is approved or denied the characters don't remain in the new universe.

10. Eras are not distinguished but alternate universes are. So New 52 Superman is different from pre New 52. But, Silver Age Superman is the same as Golden Age Superman and the Superman from 2008. But Elseworlds characters are separate entirely.

11. Limit of eight characters per trade.

I'll start...

Pre New 52 Superman for Punisher and Wolverine

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I'd trade Spider-Man, Wolverine, Deadpool, Hawkeye, Punisher, Elektra and Sentry to DC for Superman, SHAZAM/Captain Marvel (Billy Batson), Green Arrow, Deathstroke, Mary Marvel and Black Canary.

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