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Yesterday I remembered that sometime ago I found a discussion about which one of these powers is better, I chose magic because is pretty vast and almost all the time magicians are portrayed stronger than psychics. However, there are some psychic characters that make me think again which power is stronger because they have really high levels of power that make some magic users look weak, such as legion, shaman x-man, god-like cable and phoenix for example. So which power you consider it's better and why? Also which power you'd like to have?

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Depends on the extent I'd have that power, like would I have Emma Frost psychic powers or Phoenix psychic powers?

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Magic. First, mystics do have some psychic abilities. Second, strongest mystic > strongest psychic. I'd say that on average, the mystic has the edge.

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@JediXMan: I agree with the first statement, for the second, we can't base an argument entirely on the characters, because it doesn't show the maximum stage of the powers.

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This is just like pokemon. Back in the dayd there were few and one of them would be overwhelmingly cheap but now that there is a big variety it I just another type and it just matters who is the one wielding it.

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@Hazlenaut: But the discussion is not about characters, it's about the powers.

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Both are amazing powers to wield, but in the end magic wins. Psychic power is able to do a vast many things all of which make great powers on there own (I.E telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, astral projection, force fields, precognition, and mater manipulation via very accurate telekinesis) but magic is able to replicate all of these things and much more. For example as a psychic you could throw me in to a wall or make me think your not there, but as a magician i could make you a wall or curse you so that you and you bloodline can never again see me or any or my descendents. While a powerful enouph psychic can accomplish vertically anything and equally strong wizard can accomplish literally anything.

So it's really a matter or Will (Psychic Power) vs Imagination (Magic)

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Doesn’t magic usually require ingredients, tools, say or perform something in order to do it. Psychic can be done my mere thought since it just mental.

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@Hazlenaut: Actually, powerful magicians don't need to use those things.

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@nekoneko: Is that because of hereditary or having a lifestyle magic consumption. Psychic powers may not work on someone who eats enchanted veggies. It can be more than just be of food. It can involve with grooming with magical hygiene supplies or lived in a enchanted land.

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Magic is not only psychic, but also has a closer connection with Soul Power as well, therefore Magic because it can alter your mind AND SOUL.

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@Hazlenaut said:

Doesn’t magic usually require ingredients, tools, say or perform something in order to do it. Psychic can be done my mere thought since it just mental.

@nekoneko said:

@Hazlenaut: Actually, powerful magicians don't need to use those things.

Hazelnaut is talking about Alchemy.

Alchemist are different than Sorcerers.

Alchemist usually perform magical effects through combining or using relics or other artifacts with a mixture of current science while Sorcerers create a magical affect through conjuring all powerful beings.

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Magic is more powerful, because it has been shown to be above a lot of other powers in the Marvel universe, because it's not bounded by the laws of physic.

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Look at it through this perspective. Dr. Strange vs All of the Infinity Gems. Be beat them all.

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Magic, less people are resistant to it

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both max out at reality warping

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I's personally take my chances with psychic powers, you can always make yourself stronger with them and the only sacrifice for the uber level of the power is strain in the membrane. Magics limit you quite a bit of things especially if you are not some chose wizard with natural talent above every one else. some have to have items like orbs, wands, staffs, amulets, etc to use their powers. Others have to sacrifice something usually important to gain strong magical properties like never being able to have true love because that violates some code to gain ultimate magic or you have to let some entity feed of you, be a host to some entity. You might not be talented enough use spells without chanting them which could be a big handicap against foes. Rituals are a hastle too if you have to get ingredients and make a little circle or whatnot as seen on Charmed and Supernatural. Yes, I'll stick to training myself to use my powers without much sacrifice in the hopes of getting uber strong eventually.

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@Rumble Man:

Yes but generally, it's easier for a sorcerer or witch to develop reality warping powers, maybe because people tend to search a scientific explanation for psychics powers, which limitates them to "reality and its restrictions", while magic is used to break those restrictions.

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I'm going to go with Magic, mainly because it deals with alternate realms and dimensions, and in theory a sorcerer could sit in an alternate realm and still do some pretty heavy damage, while a psychic would need them to be in the same reality. I could be wrong, mainly because each case is different. But if it were a straight fight against a sorcerer and a psychic, like Doctor Strange, Zatana or John Constantine, then its a matter of how fast a spell or enchantment can be performed before the psychic figures it out, because psychics are basically instantaneous (i.e. Legion, Jean Grey). I just view it this way, we all know what happened with the Scarlet Witch.