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I feel like she, as in Harper and the exaggerated hologram shell/sister she used, was a very interesting character. Her mini-series(?) was actually really interesting and intrigued me because it brought a familiar concept (revenge for wrongdoings) and put a spin on it that grabbed me. The writing and composition of the series was good and helped set up the story so that most of the loose ends were tied and all of the pieces of the puzzle came together. I know that without the need to take revenge on Aggressive Solutions there may not be much of a story for Harper or Madame Mirage, but I'd really like to see some of the characters come back in a second series and present another familiar yet unique storyline.

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wait, they are really going to do vol 2? awesome.

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No, I don't think that Paul Dini is going to do another volume, but I am always hoping for it! I would be really awesome.

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i read in a topcow forum of a volume 2 but the original artist, Kenneth Rocafort, will not join the its just the writer and creator the character, Paul Dini who will be doing the work. In fact, he said the story is finished.

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Oh really? That's great! I'll definitely be picking that one up. Thanks.

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Volume 2????