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This blog post is inspired by god_spawn’s own, much better blog on which crossover fights he’d like to see. Check that here. It inspired me to write my own blog on which crossover fights I’d like to see as I’m a huge fan of crossovers, particularly the DC/Marvel kind. Like godspawn’s blog, I’m using pre New 52 versions and just explaining who I’d like to see fight. So without further ado, let me begin!

1. Orion vs Thor

The Dog of War vs The God of Thunder

Both are legendary warriors and incredibly powerful beings. They are both considered gods in their respective universes. Both possess superhuman strength and durability supplemented by another source. Orion possesses the Astro Force, a source of energy from the Source itself whilst Thor has Mjolnir, arguably one of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel Universe with a plethora of abilities. If these two ever clashed, the sounds of their battle would rage across wherever they fought. As well as similar powers (without equipment) both have been hot headed and impulsive, both are warriors born and both have had the guiding hand of Jack Kirby with them at one time or another. Neither would be willing to surrender to the other so it would be incredibly satisfying to see who would fall first, the New God or the Asgardian God.

2. Steel vs Iron Man

The Man of Mettle vs The Armoured Avenger

This fight could go way in Iron Man’s favour depending on which suit Tony is using so for the sake of argument, I’ll use the Extremis suit. The battle of the metal men would be a fight worth viewing. John and Tony are technological geniuses who use powered armour to fight and are well known for their prep time. Of course, Tony’s prep feats such as creating a suit for any occasion are legendary on the battle forums but Steel is an underrated character who possesses some exceptional skills and intellect of his own. Though Steel is definitely the underdog here, especially if Tony had time to prepare for the fight, I don’t think he shouldn’t be counted out. A conflict of steel vs iron and hammer vs repulsar rays would yield some interesting results.

3. Etrigan vs Ghost Rider

The Demon vs The Spirit of Vengeance

These two share some undeniable similarities. Both Jason Blood and Johnny Storm are humans possessed by an occult force, thus giving rise to conflicting natures in these characters. But in a fight, I think these hellfire slinging demons would give a spectacular show. Ghost Rider’s Penance stare might give Etrigan problems but the Demon’s superior strength could give him the edge. Then again, with the Rider zooming around on his motorbike flinging his chain at Etrigan, Ghost Rider definitely has more mobility than Etrigan. Suffice to say, I’d like to see these two going head to head. It’d make for an interesting contest.

4. Green Arrow vs Hawkeye

The Emerald Archer vs The Marksman

Undoubtedly, the battle of the bowmen would make for an excellent contest of skill. Ollie and Clint are both practically unrivalled marksmen who use an array of trick arrows with expert hand to hand skills to boot. This fight could range from a long ranged archery contest to an up close brawl. Of course, it’s the archery I’m concerned with and Ollie and Clint both possess bragging rights to being the best marksmen in their respective universes. In a fight between these two, their loud mouths and matching gimmicks would surely bring that to the forefront and make their encounter more than a simple fight but a contest to see who owns the bragging right to being the best archer.

5. Doomsday vs World War Hulk

The Ultimate Life Form vs The Worldbreaker

I’ll end with a battle of bricks, tanks, behemoths, whatever you may call them. And these two are the crème de la crème on their respective Earths. Doomsday is a walking killing machine, engineered to be the ultimate creature in the universe and has even managed the prestigious feat of killing Superman. And World War Hulk is considered by many to be the strongest, angriest incarnation of the Hulk that beat everybody up (with some help from PIS of course.) Anyway, the battle of the monsters would be a titanic clash that would probably destroy everything for miles around and make everyone think it’s the end of the world. I’ve wondered whether Doomsday’s healing factor and adaptive countermeasures would be a match for the sheer rage and constantly increasing strength of the Hulk. In any case, this fight would make for a great read!

And that’s that. Took me a while to figure out which fights I wanted to talk about and hopefully I’ve come up with a unique selection and (partly interesting reasons) for them. Hope you enjoy reading them and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Cool battles! Id love to see steel vs iron man!

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I think the fighters are to similar

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@Stormbox: Thanks! Steel vs Iron Man would be a great fight! They possess a great deal of similarities so a fight between them would be very interesting IMO.

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@Jonny_Anonymous: Kind of why I went for them. They'd make for close interesting fights rather than clear stomps.

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@Lvenger: I just like the idea of less obvious fights like Martian Manhunter vs Doctor Strange or Etirgan Vs Nova

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Nice job, bro.

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@Jonny_Anonymous: Ah fair enough. Those would be good match ups. I just thought of what came to mind for me but the less obvious fights are good too.

@god_spawn: Thanks! And much appreciated for letting me do this! I was trying to think of something to blog about all weekend and then your blog appeared at the side of my page and really interested me.

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@Lvenger: No prob. Did you ever check my first one? Can't remember if you did. It was strictly fights from Marvel.

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@Lvenger: You still have good match ups, the Ghost Rider/Etrigan one would be good

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I really want to see the Etrigan vs Ghost Rider fight

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@Lvenger: Sweet list.

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a lot of these a re too similar of not conclusive enough but the fights i would really like to see on this list is orion vs thor and etrigan vs ghost rider

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The first one is not in Header 2 by the way. Anyways, love your picks, although I'd rather see Hawkeye vs. Green Arrow than Thor vs. Orion.

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Thor vs. Orion would be freaking awesome.

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I'd love to see all of those fights, especially Doomsday vs WW Hulk and Steel vs Iron Man.

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@god_spawn: I did! That one was awesome too but I expected no less from you.

@Jonny_Anonymous: Glad you think so! And thanks

@tg1982: Thank you for the compliment :)

@SoA: How are they not conclusive enough if you don't mind my asking?

@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: Thanks for the heads up! Changing it now!

@Gambit1024: Thor vs Orion is my personal favourite on here as well. It'd be a great fight!

@Icon: Same here! DD vs WWH would be a brilliant fight.

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Those are incredible choices. My favorite is the Warbound Hulk vs Doomsday. I dream of that day this fight will come to life in a comic issue. :)

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@StMichalofWilson: If only DC and Marvel would stop butting heads and realise they'd make fans happy by doing a crossover. JLA/Avengers is my all time favourite crossover because of the scale and detail involved in the project. It wasn't perfect but it told a damn brilliant story and Perez's artwork was amazing.

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@TheAcidSkull: Heh I thought that one would appeal to you. It's a fight that interests me too though clearly not as much as you. Great debate with Floopay by the way! I was reading your post just now when I got your message!

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Based on popularity...

Thor > Orion

Iron Man > Steel

Ghost Rider > Entrigan

Hawkeye > Green Arrow

Hulk > Doomsday

The Hawkeye/Green Arrow fight would be close, but I think an amazing solo book and a big-budget movie appearance outweighs an above-average CW series. DC really needs to spend more time on some of its second-stringers.

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@Lvenger: to me they are too even e.g. wwh and doomsday will spend eternity beating each other's brains in , didnt mean to derail your thread lol

#23 Posted by Lvenger (23943 posts) - - Show Bio

@SoA: Perhaps. There might be a winner eventually though.

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@Lvenger: keyword is eventually lol but for the sake of a fight

thor vs orion can go either way , thor has a lot more power but orion does not give up and has traded punches with superman

iron man can take steel apart , nothing can beat stark tech lol

i do not wanna decide between etrigan and ghost rider because i like both

if it was ultimate universe hawkeye then clint will win otherwise i give it to ollie

as for hulk vs doomsday , after a all out fight causing who knows how much destruction i see hulk killing doomsday the same way he beat abomination in the movie : rips off his bone spur and pierces doomsday with it (i know he will get back up but he will be down long enogh for a K.O.)

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Nice! Etrigan Vs Ghost Rider is the one i'd like to see!

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Some great match ups would love to all of em done.

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@Strider92: Thanks! Same here!

@mrdecepticonleader: Thanks buddy!

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Really cool

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Green Arrow vs Bullseye