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The bible tells Lucifer is bad. Yet he did nothing what God did. Lucifer NEVER lied to Adam, and Eve.Lucifer is responsible for giving us free will,intelligence, and technology. God killed Billions, Lucifer killed 10.God lies,betrays,and kills.

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Not to open a can of worms..but Lucifer is not mentioned in the Bible at all. Isaiah 14. Is really about a "luscient(sp?) one"..sometimes translated Lucifer, and sometimes as"morning star". Either way it's an adjective, and not a proper name. It's a reference back to who most of the chapter is about: The King of Babylon. It's about recent events, (for its time) and not something that happened in heaven thousands of years ago. In short, there is no one named Lucifer in the Bible at all. There is no single being named "Satan" or "Devil" in the Bible. Ever. He wasn't in the Garden of Eden, at Jesus's temptation or anywhere, because this "evil supernatural being" scripturally, doesn't exist. And this is from someone who believes the Bible is true, and God is real.

That can of worms opened: I wouldn't worry too much about how a comic book uses Biblical references. God is a bit bigger than Marvel or DC. :) Also totally disagree with your last points. Sounds like pseudo-itellect to me. Which the atheism community is full of.