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Has this ever happened to you guys?

I just got into Animal Man, but gosh his current costume looks pretty lame. Mainly the head piece. I like the old costume + jacket better, but that still feels off...

The new52 Redhood's 'hood' makes me sad, and the bat on his chest annoys me to no end.

Oh, and although I've never read any Daredevil (I'm still a newbie, don't kill me) and don't have an opinion on this widely loved character, his costume looks really boring on the covers I've seen lately...

How about you guys? Have you experienced the same thing?

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Yup, with Deadpool & Aquaman.

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I like the X-men and have always found their outfits pretty horrid.....well, most of them.They are not usually recognized as super heroes due to mutants being hated and all, and they mostly break into government facilities or are going someplace they don't belong yet they dress in the brightest, loudest colors on the color wheel....makes no sense.....well, it does make sense, bright colors have to pop off the page to attract the reader. Other than that, LOL, I don't get it.

My favorite example is Gambit, a guy who wears a bright fuscia chest plate, knee high shiny metal boots, and makes stuff blow up, and yet his primary occupation is a thief....you would figure he would be a bit more stealth in his wardrobe is all I am saying

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I tend to find if I like a character their wardrobe grows on me.

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Not really, the bad ones tend to be alt universes..

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Aquaman before Brightest Day

Martian Manhunter before 52/World War III

Metamorpho (some people can make him look great, but his design is really ugly most of the time)

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I'm with you on Animal Man and Red Hood. What kills Red Hood's outfit for me is the mouth on his "hood", and the bat symbol feels out of place too. I've always felt Aquaman is in desperate need of a redesign. Especially since the character is awesome now, but unlike his characterization, his costume hasn't improved.

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Yes; New 52 Superboy's, New 52's Nightwing (Red? Seriously? Wtf?), Bane (he looks like a dope, to be honest, and he's actually a pretty amazing character (I am NOT talking about TDKR Bane, but comic-book Bane)).

Who else? Hmm...

The Fantastic Four

Thor (Although I don't really like him too much)

Most of the X-men

Some incarnations of Batman (there can be distinct differences to how he's drawn, trust me)

New 52 Superman (armor? For the Man of Steel? Give me a break)

I'm sure there are more that I've just simply forgotten about until now. Most of the costumes that I hate are more recent ones; the X-men and Fantastic Four just usually have bad style though :P

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@Rickbarry said:


He worked those Arm Pitt capes like a boss.

Man I miss him being around.

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Im not a fan of superman's New 52 costume im glad they got rid of the underwear though

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Okay, seriously... am I the only one that thinks Supergirl looks like she is wearing Depends???

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@Timandm said:

Okay, seriously... am I the only one that thinks Supergirl looks like she is wearing Depends???

It is hard to get to a bathroom when your saving the world!

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kitty pryde after she got rid of her classic blue costume with the belt, mask and gloves. but her school mistress clothes aint too shabby neither

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Um I line animal man more with his blood tree on his chest than is his costume like this.

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Enchantress... I find the attire to be un-enchanting.

Admittedly sometimes they draw her better than others, but what's with the 4 different tones of green?

@Loki9876: what's um i line mean?

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Robin. Why Robin Hood-ish motif but no Bow and Arrow?

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Taskmaster. It's not 1980 anymore, get something slimmer. I mean back in the early 2000's when Marvel hired a bunch of artists from UDON who were drawing Deadpool, Agent X and the Taskmaster mini they give him this great slim outfit that looks really cool.

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Flash = Seriously, red and yellow? My eeeeeeyyyyyyyyyes