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Is it just me? Or are Marvel's comic book series getting worse and worse these days. I find their plots to be either predictable and linear, or just so boring that it's not even worth it.

The Marvel Universe is an incredibly exciting place, but some things are just getting so corny and dragging on, I feel like myself and a group of enthusiastic comic book nerds could write better shit.

Just a rant-post I suppose, but whateves

Maybe people could recommend some comic book series for me in Marvel that ARE good? Or if not, some DC.

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Don't agree at all. Can't recommend anything since I have no idea what you're reading

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I like Mighty Avengers and Scarlet Spider

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Superior Spider-Man

Uncanny Avengers

Ultimate Comics X-men

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man


Powers Bureau

All New X-Men (Up until Battle of the Atom)

Uncanny X-Men

X-Men Legacy (ending)

Guardians of the Galaxy

New Avengers

Deadpool (start from Good Bad and the Ugly)

Daredevil by Waid

East of West

FF (not the Fantastic Four)

Fantastic Four

Young Avengers

Wolverine and the X-Men (so-so)


There's a bunch of "ALL NEW point NOW!" titles coming up.


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I agree that there's a lot of good NOW issues, but I also agree with the OP that a lot of their titles (almost most of them) are pretty mediocre. Same goes with DC right now. It seems both of the Big Two are doing pretty average as of late.

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@sufferthorn: Since the cancelation of Scarlet Spider I can't really recommend any Marvel titles and DC is faring no better. If you want my advice drop them both and go to Valiant, Top Cow and Image. These three companies are killing it right now.

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Anything by soul is good red lanterns, swamp thing,wonder woman/superman and thunderbolts also Batman can't go wrong there.

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I like Avengers A.I.

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Deadpool and Superior Foes of Spider-Man are the best titles Marvel is putting out right now in my opinion. They're just amazing books.

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Maybe read something else then from other publishers?


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@yung_ancient_one: What no Thor God of Thunder I love that series so far

Yeah, I forgot to mention that one. I pretty much listed all the ones that I'm interested in. I heard great things about God of Thunder but... I'm not that interested. My bads tho. I shoulda put it in the list.


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Both Marvel and DC are mediocre right now. Go to Image.

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I'm quite enjoying Wonder Woman, green arrow, aquaman, batman, and a handful other DC titles right now, just wish I had at least ONE friend who also read comics.

I do have one friend who reads comics but not often and he lives in another time zone, needless to say we don't actually hang out often.

I gotta find someone to goto the LCS with

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Avengers are still good ( especially A.I)

Thor's still strong

Black Widows good too.

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Thor God of Thunder is phenomenal. And if you are not interested in Marvel or DC, just read indies. Seriously, indies are usually better than Marvel and DC anyways.

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@sufferthorn: it's true... The only good thing right now is Superior SpiderMan mainly for its unpredictability. After all the new number 1s frenzy, I'm keeping my distance from Marvel for a bit.

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@blackdog2009 said:

@sufferthorn: it's true... The only good thing right now is Superior SpiderMan mainly for its unpredictability. After all the new number 1s frenzy, I'm keeping my distance from Marvel for a bit.

Yea. I feel like Marvel's writing has been toned down ever since the Civil War, but that's just me.

Disney bought Marvel almost right after the Civil War too, so strong statements or tough stories in comics are probably gonna start being a bit harder to come by from them.

As far as i'm concerned, the Marvel before Disney and after are different universes.

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I like Mighty Avengers and Scarlet Spider

Mighty Avengers is definitely one to check out, same with Scarlet Spider.

I'll also add to that - Agent Venom, Superior Carnage, and the upcoming Moon Knight should be good.

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So far I picked up a lot of the new Marvel Now new wave issues. All new invaders All new X-Factor Black Widow and Avengers World and all of then were okay not enough for me to be picking up other issues in the future. I'm still enjoying New Avengers Hawkeye and Superior Spider Man those I feel are marvels top books. I still have hopes for Captain Marvel and Iron Fist coming up in the next few weeks.

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@sufferthorn: maybe try some other Marvel comics though most of them are not ongoing & are old like Book of Lost Souls, Criminal , Powers , Dark Tower based on Stephen King's work or their Max comics like PunisherMax , Fury Max , Dead of Night : Man Thing , Supreme Power Vol 1 ,War is Hell : First Flight of Phantom Eagle....heard Foolkiller Max is also good