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I read comics mostly cuz of the battles and wanted to know if anyone can recommend some currenty ongoing Marvel/DC books about street level characters that have good art (like Stegman or similar) and some nasty bloody battles.

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no one?

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Green Arrow starting with #17

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@daredevilnut: thank you, the art looks a little sloppy, but i hope the fights will make up for it

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You read comics just for the fights? In that case, I'm not entirely sure what to recommend, as all of my favorite comics focus far more on the plot than the fighting.

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@rulerofthisuniverse: i tried to read comics for their plot, also read whole Avengers Academy series for the character development and stuff. I guess it all plays a role in a book being good or not, but to me a good hardfought battle is the pinnacle of a comic book. A good battle makes every lame plot look a lot better, on the other hand you can have a great story but if there are no good fights, then it's trash.

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@orphancrippler: I would recommend

Guardians of the Galaxy (Click Spoiler Block for more Info)

It has a battles pretty much every Issue and there are big tree's squishing aliens and Raccoon's with high powered weaponry


It is a four Issue mini-series The Story centers around Galactus pretty much trying to kill the Ultimate universe


its quite gritty and Street level and its wolverine so there's naturally a heap load of fights and wolverine has claws so naturally there quiet Violent it stars a new story Arc this Wednesday with issue 8, Which is a great jumping on point

You Should Also check out

  • Secret Avengers (Lots of fights)
  • Daredevil (Gritty and lots of fights)
  • Hawkeye
  • Batman by Scott Snyder
  • Injustice (The whole story is about fights)
  • Vibe (Theres actually quite cool battles)

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@flazam: thank you a lot. Definitly going to check out Wolverine, DD and Vibe

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@orphancrippler: Cool Glad I could help. Tell me what you think about them when you read them

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Valiant is better than Marvel and DC

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barman duh





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From the Marvel titles that I am reading, I think the best battles have been in:

  1. Thor: God of Thunder - Great battles with Thor from three different time periods (not street level but awesome)
  2. Secret Avengers - All kinds of action with street level characters and one of the most interesting plots going.
  3. Daredevil - His fights are always interesting with the radar sense

Valiant has had some of my favorite battles though from the past year.

  1. Harbinger Wars - Crossover event between Harbinger and Bloodshot. So much action fit into 4 issues and each tie in has the extended versions of the fights. Fantastic story and action.
  2. Bloodshot - Super-Soldier with nanites in him that allows him to have various abilities and awesome fights
  3. X-O Manowar - Most of the book is battles as Aric fights the Romans, then his alien abductors, then tears through modern day cities, and a war on the alien home planet. So many awesome fights packed into this book.
  4. Harbinger - A lot of really cool fights with people with a variety of abilities throughout the series.
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@nightwing444 said:

barman duh

ah the good old barman, that dude is as street as it gets.

@cap10nate: i just can't get into the blast this laser that kinda battles, i simply can't imagine how much damage is done or why certain attack is stronger. But definitly checking out Dardevil, was mentioned a few times already, so it must be really good stuff. Bloodshot sounds intriguing too, might check it out

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Savage Wolverine

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My advice would be to check out the following comics, even though they're not from Marvel / DC:

- The Strange Talent of Luther Strode
- The Legend of Luther Strode

- Absolution
- Absolution: Rubicon

All somewhat street level and very bloody.

If you're looking for a longer series, then check out:

- Invincible

But once again, it's not from Marvel, but it's very nice and very bloody.
The art is ... workable for all of the comics. I personally like the art, but I've seen better stuff.

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Scarlet Spider

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@thecheesestabber: already on it, my favorite comic book right now. Some serious action every issue

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@enzeru: thank you very much mah man, Absolution Rubicon looks awesome

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@enzeru: thank you very much mah man, Absolution Rubicon looks awesome

No problem.
But Absolution Rubicon is the second volume. You should check out the first one as well, because it tells you the events which led up to the second volume. It also has only 6 or 8 issues, so it should be fine.

In my opinion it's the best superhero comic ever written, because it portrays a street level vigilante / superhero the way they should be portrayed: They kill the bad guys, to save the day.

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captain America is the best thing out right now besides tmnt(if you aren't reading that you might enjoy it has lots of fighting). the art in cap isn't the greatest though

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thanks a lot to everyone, i think i have enough books to look into for now.

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@i_like_swords said:

Valiant is better than Marvel and DC

This, especially if you want bloody battles.

Harbinger, Bloodshot and X-O Manowar are three very good titles with a lot of fight and blood.