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I have been looking for a new comic to get into preferably a one off story, or trade collections, as I can't afford another on going series. I'm looking for something along the lines of DareDevil but without the more colorful villains and focused on street level crime. Is there anything like that out there at the moment?

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Hawkeye is street level. Nightwing and Green Arrow to name a couple more.

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Not on going hmmm, moon knight? Or just an old daredevil

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The first Hawkeye trade is out, the second one is coming out sometime soon. It seems to perfectly fit the bill of what you're looking for.

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I 'm interested in checking out Hawkeye. How has Green Arrow been since Lemire started writing? The Arrow tv show and the fact that he is writing it, has certainly peeked my interest.

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I can't speak to quality but Lemire has marked an increase in sales (a u-turn from steady decline). Hawkeye, however, sounds like exactly what you want.

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If you don't mind old series, Hitman would be perfect. It got fully collected a year ago, too.


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I'll back up the others and say Hawkeye. We have similar taste in our heroes it seems and I've enjoyed what I've read of Hawkeye so far.

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I would recommend the Moon Knight Vol. 1: The Bottom trade paperback.

It's got fantastic art (possibly the best Finch has ever done), a great gritty script, and a nice mix of street-level action and fights against a villain.

EDIT: HAHA! I now have 1610 posts - the exact number for the UU!

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If you don't mind old series, Hitman would be perfect. It got fully collected a year ago, too.


^ This. Most underrated series of all time.

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Green Arrow has been absolutely awesome since Lemire took over. Get it, seriously. His first issue he already introduced an awesome archer villain named Komodo with mysterious ties to Ollie's past. Every issue has awesome archer battles and Ollie is an certified bad ass in this, rivaling Batman IMO.

The story's great, that art is great. Now what are you waiting for? Stop reading this and check it out :p (starting ish 17).

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@extremis: I just started this last weekend when I bought 17,19 and 20. Unfortunately 18 wasn't there. Everything you just said is exactly right. Cannot wait for the next issue!

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Go for The Movement. I really enjoyed the first issue and it's all about street crime and corruption.

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Thanks for all the suggestions. I will be heading down to my lcs once I get some money together :)