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I just recently came upon this site looking for info on various marvle characters to help me stat them out for my recent project. I have been going through and statting out marvels finest in D20 Moden RPG format, and would like some peoples opinions on what I have so far (around 78 people).

Below is the link to the thread, if need be I can try and post them here instead Let me know what yall think.


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Welcome to the vine. I just skimmed but Superman and Batman are not marvel characters.

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So far I see that you have Black Panther stronger and faster than Captain America and Blade. You also have Batman stronger than both Captain America and Blade. All of which is wrong.

I'm ignoring the fact that Batman and Superman are listed because you addresed that earlier.

Welcome to the vine.

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Is there a difference between "Male Human Strong" and "Strong"? Because if not you have Iron Fist not only stronger then Captain America, but Luke Cage as well, and on the same strength level as Thor. I was just skimming it so I hope I overlooked some explanation about that.

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Nah, don't move it...it is where it is, some vatos just lurk...So, you did that all out of boredom? Hey, do you ever read anything like Man-Thing or Werewolf by Night, or the Zombie?

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Ahh, so you dig on the spandex-wearing Gods, do ya? That's cool, that's, like, how it should be, I suppose. Hey, do you do commisions? Like, do you make characters for people, or do you just make who you want, out of boredom? Also, do you accept payment, 'cause I wouldn't be able to pay you, if you do commissions...

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Well, aside from five billion different people...I really wanna see you make either Ash from Army of Darkness, or Jason Voorhees, or maybe Simon Garthe(The Zombie) into a d20 character, seeing as we are nearing Halloween, and I'm getting in the horror frame of mind...

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Well, Jason's real unsung ability is his teleportation. I mean, officially, he does NOT have teleportation, but there's no way to explain his sneaking up on people and suddenly appearing behind them when just a second ago he was miles in front of them. Like, he can teleport only when nobody's looking at him...

Oh, and if you ever wanna make Ash, try and take his dumb luck into account. Like, that's usually what saves him...

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batman stronger than captain america? why?

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You mean physical strength, or worth overall?

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Good point, Andferne. I mean, I was just trying to explain the illogic of the films, but you actually do it perfectly. He's just a lot faster then he lets people realize. Of course! Hey, is there, like, a d20 site or something? Somewhere where I can learn the stats a little better or something?

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Hmm...here's the thing. As a youngin, I played a lot of DnD. A LOT! But, on there, there was, like, so many dice. A dice for every different kind of bowel movement and unrelated terrorist attack in the Middle East, it seemed. So, yeah...are the stats the same? Like, where could I find a character sheet for a D20 game?