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What effect would a strong lightsaber hit have on the following?

A) Superman

B) Spider-Man

C) Wolverine

D) King Kong

E) Megatron

F) Data

G) T-800/T-1000

H) Darth Vader

I) Hellboy

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A) Would sting a bit

B) Slice like butter

C) Slice flesh like butter

D) Slice like butter

E) Would sting a bit

F) Slice like butter

G) Slice like frozen butter.

H) Go watch Ep 3 and 6.

I) Meh, he's a demon, so who knows...

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I believe there was an old issue of Wizard that stated that a lightsaber would cut through adamantium. Deuces to Wolvy.

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I wonder what effect the lightsaber would have on Data's skull. It's very well protected.