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My comic book idea as well as an eight page introduction have been entered into the January 2009 contest over at Zuda.com. The comic is titled "Lifespan".

Alright guys, about 12 hours left for voting. I moved up to 4th place today but would love to go out in 3rd (bronze medal). Voting ends at 9:00AM Friday January, 29th!!!! Please Don't Wait, I need your help!

1. Visit Zuda.com
2. Register
3. Verify Registration in your email
4. Click on “Lifespan.”
5. Click the Vote Button
6. Rate the comic 5 stars
7. Add to favorites

Please let me know if you voted, rated, and favorite. I want to be able to thank you!!!


Pass this on to your friends!!!! Forward this to everyone.

Shannon Cronin
writer of Lifespan