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How is it going everyone? I am working on a comic that I am writing and doing the art for. It is about a character I created a long time ago. Basically he is an angel, but he isn't your typical kind of angel. He looks more like a zombie that has large black angel wings. The comic is about this character, his name is Asariel, He lies dormant in an unmarked grave on the outskirts of a dark corrupt city known as New Babylon. One day he is resurrected and it is up to him to bring the city of New Babylon into a shining age of glory. I have the comic on Kickstarter in order to fund the comicbook. If you can donate, it would be greatly appreciated. here is a link:


here is a preview of the comic:

  If you like the preview and you would like to donate to my Kickstarter, here is the link:   http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1664357155/leviathan-issue-1 
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Good art.