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I recently started getting back into comics on a regular basis and have been reading a few different books from each big brand plus some indies. My question, just out of curiosity, is if you guys and gals find that reading fewer books more consistently is more enjoyable than trying to keep up with every book that catches your eye. For example, I am really enjoying Nightwing and Aquaman from DC but don't have the time to go back and look into the multitudes of Batman comics along with Justice League comics as well. Just wondering what you guys prefer when it comes to your preferred books.

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If i had the money to buy as many comics as I want, I don't think I'd buy everything that catches my eye. I would stick with maybe 10 or so comics a month to really understand and enjoy the series than just read everything and get a little lost.

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I buy about 8-10 books a month regularly. I tend to keep a somewhat small pull-list because honestly I can only keep track of so many story lines at one time.

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Depends on whether what you're reading is good or not. Reading a whole lot of crappy comics is, in no way, better than reading one good comic. But if you get read a lot of good comics, then yeah, that's a good thing.

Essentially, just read what you like.