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  we wouldve seen the episode in december if it werent for cartoon network being brain dead retards, guess the rumours were true and now we have to wait even longer! well the dcnation petition has gotten over 15,000 signatures so hopefully it will sway them to bring jt back on before january
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im just happy its coming back , i dvr young justice and green lantern so when i went to watch the shows and saw some dragon show i was like wth? did i record it wrong? lol

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yeah man im really bummed out due to lack of dcnation, green lantern especially, the recent episodes were phenomenal and they were  going too introduuce sinestero and atrocitus, and they already introduced guy and the  anti monitor!! i mean by the end of the season they will havr covered all the corps cept black lanterns which is a fantastic accomplishment and feat. i actually like it better than young justice, whichh is another phenomenal show

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Do petitions actually work?

And it will be cool to see Larfleeze, and so far my favorite Lantern after Hal/Guy is Saint Walker.