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Sorry, I don't know a better title for an article which is about a phrase than the phrase itself for the title. Anyway I found it interesting to learn yesterday that Marvel has an entirely different script for one of its races, and furthermore that people can actually read this. Incidentally while I was reading the last issue of Alien Worlds (the cult series that I keep writing about that no one has read) I found it interesting in one story that a group of aliens use what has been called the most famous alien language saying in popular culture “Klaatu barada nikto.” It was a pretty abstract story, about a group of soldiers in Vietnam who come across some aliens and have to fight them. It is the aliens that say the term. Despite its fame the phrase has never been actually defined as many speculate that is a safeword or that it is an imperative order. In the Alien Worlds story it is used as a threat though, or at least is something the attacking aliens say. It is possible in this case though that the aliens intercepted earlier radio signals of the movie (well the movie came out in 1951 but there was a radio play based on it from 1954) and thus by the time of the Vietnam War it would have been traveling for 10-15 light years. Maybe they are throwing those back in the face of the humans (as the movie had a pacifist message). However, it is really just a case of a writer paying homage to the genre and those that came before him. It would be interesting if it were used in the right context, but it was still used in a story highlighting the needs for peace, so it was halfway there.

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In the Sam Raimi Evil Dead version of the Necronomicon this is also the magical phrase necessary to "open" and "close" the magical tome in order to prevent catastrophe.

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Klaatu Barada N.....

Necktie. Nectar. Nickel. It's an N word. Definitely an N word!

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Isn't Nikto a Star Wars alien species?

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@Jorgevy: Yes I think one of the Nikto was named Barada or something like that.  
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@RazzaTazz said:

@Jorgevy: Yes I think one of the Nikto was named Barada or something like that.

easter eggs are awesome