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We pushed out our kickstarter for The Devil's Pool on the 12th of November, but it might as well been 100,000 days ago....... we're so tired and so shredded from pitching our new book. ...... oh poor us.. bla bla bla.

The reception we have received as been very special and we're feeling very welcomed to the world of comic books. Thank you.... also welcome to LindaLisa (Lind Lisa West - Artist) and PHATbaby_IZOD (Jeramie Worley - Writer/Creator) to the ComicVine community.

Here is a nugget from the launch book:

(-: interesting fact, this is a image that's been reworked for the final book as the dude with the gun (AKA Preacher) has the wrong eye color :-)


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When we launched this, I thought "Hey, we have a great idea...let's put it out there and the world will fund it" BOY WAS I WRONG.

We do have a good idea, but nothing is have to work your butt off to make your dreams come true. Unless you are Charlie Sheen, then you just waste your talent and the world still loves you for it.

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don't be bitter, Charly Sheen is awesome.......

but we will be awesome sause!

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10 hours left! :-)