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Vote for G. if you think of someone else .

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Christian Bale.



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I voted Gosling (he has a special Canadian place in my heart... Breaker High, what what), but I'd be okay with a number of the choices on offer. Not necessarily excited, but I'd be okay with them.

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WOW 6 votes and each person voted for a different actor.


BTW I voted for Alex O'Loughlin because of his role in Moonlight as a vampire detective. I mean, after that I can easily see him as a young Batman. easily

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The actor to play Bruce Wayne and Batman does not exist at this moment. Please try again later.

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I just want someone who's an actual Martial Artist like Scott Adkins.

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I went Jon Hamm

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I feel like Jon Hamm, Alex O'Loughlin and Jim Caviezel are too old. If they're going to spin it off into solo movies and do multiple team movies I think he needs to be a younger guy. I voted G because I like the idea of Armie Hammer playing him that I heard as a rumor a while back.