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I started reading and collecting comics again last year when The New 52 began. I really enjoyed Justice League International and was dissapointed when the title ended earlier this year. Can anyone tell me why it was discontinued and if it will ever return again? Thanks, Comickraze

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It was canceled due to low sales. A lot of it's readers both new and old were not satisfied with it and found it to be boring or didn't like the changes, sometimes both. It's being replaced by anew JLA comic written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by David Finch. You won't see JLI back but you might see its members back in Global Guardians.

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More specifically, it wasn't so much that the sales were low relative to other series (it was above the mid-line), but it wasn't selling as well as DC wanted it to.

The series honestly left me feeling a bit empty regarding

the disappearance of Booster Gold at the end. I mean, it's like he and Godiva just started to seal the deal and then *poof* he's gone, and apparently to never interact with the ex-JLI members again. I really can't wait to see how his problems get resolved, if they even do.