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It turns out that a justice league dark movie is in discussion.


What do you think?

Please,actually think,Maybe it will enter development hell,maybe it will be in the works...who knows?

I am waiting for clevvermovies to announce this..I think I would want to see it,spotlight may be put on zatanna (whoo-hoo).

Don't have your hopes up....just saying

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Oh wait..


It may come sooner.

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Lets not get ahead of ourselves. We should see how the Justice League movie goes first.

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I'd be okay with a JL Dark movie. I like the concept.

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Interesting concept.... I like it.

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As I recall, John Constantine didn't work out too well. Doubt they'd be willing to give it a shot. Not to mention that while science and aliens is good, magic is a bit harder sell. Even Thor had to get away with it by calling it really advanced tech. Now, with that in mind:

If a certain phrase starting with: "Change, change, o form of man..." is in it, all is forgiven.

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I would support this a hell of a lot more than a Justice League movie but they should consider rebooting Constantine first and do it properly. The Reeves one was awful.