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Am I the only person who thinks Justice League 3000 is basically a smack in the face to justice league beyond?

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How so? I enjoy JL3K.

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@mutantevolution: no no I dont think you are. im not reading beyond but I can see what your getting at

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Well they are both about the justice league in the future, and although this is just my opinion, the character in 3000 are way more bad ass than the ones from justice league beyond.

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am i the only one not feeling jl3k ?

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@mutantevolution: to be fair, JLB has DCAU origins and so it's not meant to be as dark/gritty. (And it's not as far in the future -since with the Batman Beyond ties, and Bruce was still alive then. We've got plenty of time to fall into the dystopian future JL3K is predicting :D )

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@urbanchill: I actually like it. what don't you like about it?

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i love it.

They are clones trying to remember what they really use to be