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1: Are we still going to do the whole "Highest Submitter Gets to Moderate so-and-so page" thing?

2: I thought the new contest was supposed to be posted a few weeks ago. Any news?

3: Are we still going to get points retroactively for text written before the point change? I know Red LAMP said we would, but if not, that's cool. Just wanted to know if it's still in the cards.

Thanks guys! The site is getting really big, and expanding more every second. I know I haven't contributed much as of late, and I know I don't have the chops to do individual issue things and all that, but I really feel and hope that I'm part of something big here.

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Awesome man! Sounds great. No problem about the points. It was just lingering in my head, is all.

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  1. Yes. Though we're a couple weeks away. It's pretty cool though.

  2. We've been lazy with it, but now I feel guilty, so I'll throw it up tonight. I can garuntee you'll like the prize. I'll mention this much, it will be team based. So start thinking about another user you want as your partner.

  3. Most likely not, sorry. Basically the amount of time we'd have to spend on it would be pretty intense, and since points are for the most part stabilized now, we'd rather focus on fixing bugs and adding new features.

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